Embark on your wellness journey with our Try Kirami experience.

Have you ever dreamt of owning a luxurious wood fired hot tub or Sauna but wanted to experience it first hand before taking the plunge? Look no further than "Try Kirami" – our exciting collaboration with Kirami UK where we invite you to try our warmer wellness products before you buy. 

"Try Kirami" is your opportunity to immerse yourself in the exquisite world of wood-fired wellness. With "Try Kirami," you can book a stay with us and enjoy the relaxing feeling of a Kirami FinVision® sauna and a wood fired hot tub. The perfect way to feel the warmth, the comfort, and the rejuvenation our products offer.

Book your #TryKirami experience at Wigwam Holidays Forcett Grange. The cost of one night stay is redeemable of your purchase of a hot tub or sauna within three months.