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Nature is in our nature


At Home, Outdoors tells stories of ordinary people experiencing extraordinary connections with nature.

Since our nomadic past we have lived, loved and thrived in the great outdoors, nature is in our nature. No matter what political, socioeconomic, health scares are going on, the grass keeps growing, the leaves on the trees keep coming back, and the birds still keep singing. Nature goes on regardless. 

What does the outdoors mean to you?

We asked this question to a range of inspiring people including:

We continue to share their answers through a series of short films to help people reconnect with their roots in nature.

"We have wars and a lot of what appears to be darkness in the world, but maybe we are transitioning through this period in the hope of becoming more connected human beings. What we're coming back to is our roots in nature and our connections with the people around us."

Carmen Rendell, Walking Therapist

Nature has the power to nourish and heal, and we strongly believe that people need the sanctuary of the outdoors more than ever before. Through the good times and the bad, the great outdoors is there for you and Wigwam Holidays provides access to an essential break when you need it most. Blending the comforts of home with the simple joys of the great outdoors, our cosy Wigwam Cabins ensure that you feel At Home, Outdoors in the UK's most stunning and remote locations.

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