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Join the Wigwam® Holidays Community

Wigwam®Holidays is the number 1 glamping brand in the UK and the only pod manufacturer with the requisite credibility and proven success to offer a ‘turn-key’ Franchise business solution. We don’t just sell cabins, we help you fill them with paying guests and provide the necessary training and brand presence to make your business aspirations a reality. From the ‘discovery call’ to site visit and eventual grand opening, Wigwam Holidays is here to support you.

Your Investment In Wigwam®Holidays

The initial investment required to set up a Wigwam® Holidays franchise is flexible, limited only by your circumstances and financial ambitions.

As a minimum however, you will need the following:

  • To purchase your chosen number of Wigwam® Cabins from us - this ensures the same high standards for all our sites. There is no minimum or maximum number required to start, though the majority of sites do expand quickly.
  • The financial wherewithal to create your own unique, high-quality Wigwam®Holidays location, through planning, design and site development. We will be here to help you every step of the way however, as are all our franchise owners who have been there before. You are not alone!
  • The £7500 Franchise fee, which is due at point of order and will last for 5 years.
  • 10% commission on all bookings generated. This is highly competitive in an industry that averages 18%.

Our Investment In You

The success of each and every one of our sites is of paramount importance to us. It is a partnership and in every successful partnership, their are shared responsibilities. Reflecting this synergy is our very real commitment to you:

  • The right to use the Wigwam® Holidays trademark.
  • Access to the Wigwam® Holidays Brand Manual and Wigwam® Holidays branding material.
  • Access to the Wigwam® Holidays Operations Manual – a ‘how to’ guide from site setup to guest relations.
  • The design, launch and hosting of your own website with an integrated online booking system.
  • A stand-alone back office website to help you and your team manage your bookings.
  • The right to geographical exclusivity, creating a specified territory and sphere of influence.
  • Full support from the Wigwam® Holidays team to help plan, fund and launch your business.
  • Ongoing team operational support and guidance in IT, Marketing and PR.
  • A dedicated Franchise Delivery officer to provide grassroots support as needed.
  • Access to the Wigwam® Holidays Academy – online training portal and seminar programme.
  • Setup of branded Social Media accounts – Instagram and Facebook.
  • Invitation to the Wigwam® Holidays annual conference and regular newsletters/updates.
  • The design of tailored SEO and Digital Marketing packages to grow and enhance your business.
  • An extensive photo and video shoot to enable you to emotionally connect with your customers.

Your Return On Investment

With the average Wigwam® Holidays site costing between £225,000 and £250,000 to set up, our franchise partners are looking for security and brilliant financial returns. Our proven franchise model and business network easily delivers returns that justify the initial investment:

  • Average nightly rentals off £90-£160 per night.
  • The average annual income of £13,000-£15,000 per cabin.
  • Average site turnover in 2020 projected to be £80,000-£120,000.
  • The average payback of total setup costs is within 3-4 years.
  • Top-performing sites earning in excess of £20,000 per cabin annually.
  • Highly profitable add-on sales opportunities – firewood, bedding, towels, lanterns etc.
  • Potential additional revenue streams – hot tubs, sauna, shop, BBQ huts, fairy trails etc.
  • Sale of branded Wigwam® merchandise to your guests.

The upsell potential of a Wigwam® Holidays location should not be ignored. One of our largest sites earns over £22,000 a year in firewood sales and £73,000 through their onsite shop. The potential in being a Wigwam® Holidays franchisee is huge and with our state-of-the-art booking system, you will be making money even as you sleep!

Testimonials From Our Site Owners

Our biggest asset here at Wigwam® Holidays is the collaborative network of like-minded individuals that make up our Franchise partners. These site owners are ‘at the coal face’ delivering ‘Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors’ to our diverse customer base. As a result, they are the best-placed advocates or critics of the business diversification solution we offer. Please find below, some of their comments gathered during our last Annual Conference:

Wigwam®Holidays offered the perfect fit with their proven, turn-key solution for diversifying our farm”, John and Laura Hume, Wigwam®Holidays Moffat.

“The return on investment and the fun had since opening in 2015, have made my decision to join the Wigwam Family the best commercial decision I have ever made”, James Goode, Wigwam® Holidays Brampton.

The Franchise Package answered all our questions. We are farmers and surveyors – with no experience in the Glamping sector, so the fact that it was a business in a box really appealed to us. It answered questions like, ‘how to market the product’ and ‘what online booking system to use’. As we had no clue! The Franchise Package was perfect for our needs”, Stuart and Catherine Tweddle, Wigwam® Holidays Sedgewell Barn.

Having looked at all the options from pod and tent manufacturers to marketing networks, we knew at once that Franchise was the right fit for us. We have several businesses and the Wigwam® Holidays Franchise offers us a brand, team support and a world class product – which meant we hit the ground running. We are very satisfied with the return on investment and love being part of the team”, Nick and Airin Gilmore, Wigwam® Holidays Montrave Estate.

We needed to diversify and Wigwam® Holidays were the perfect solution. We have been part of Wigwam® Holidays for 10 years. They offer a great team including marketing, training, IT support and seminars. The annual conference is also great” Julia and John Warters, Wigwam® Holidays Humble Bee.

The Wigwam® Holidays Franchise offers a powerful brand, joint marketing, shared vision and a fantastic team. We love the whole product – the cabins, the support, the website, online bookings and the digital marketing”, Victoria and Gregor Butler, Wigwam® Holidays The Loft.

"If you buy into Wigwam® Holidays you get quality workmanship and a product that you can rely on. We feel part of a community offering comfort and support, we have invested in a brand that we can trust", John and Lizzie Ridout, Wigwam® Holidays Penbugle.