Sandy Bay Croft

Young Families

All you need for a unique and exciting family holiday without the fuss!

Our Wigwam® Cabins give you the chance to rediscover the fun of camping without all the fuss, leaky tents, clouds of midges and chilly, sleepless nights. We can't guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee the kids will love the excitement and adventure of staying in a wooden Wigwam®.

A variety of children's books, colouring pages, crayons, DVDs, mini bubbles, puzzle, game, outdoor scavenger/ croft roaming cards and kids beach activity cards are included in the wigwam when a family books with us.

Having two small children of our own, we appreciate that the list of things you need to pack into the car can seem impossibly long when going holiday with little ones - the travel cot, push chair, monitors, bulky nappy packs, as well as the mountain of clothes, special toys and books that simply can't be left behind. To try and make your holiday as relaxed as possible, we have a Baby/Toddler Essentials kit for hire.

You can select from 30 items; such as a potty, baby bath, Tommy Tippy perfect temp bottle make, Inflatable toddler bed, toddler toilet seat, microwave bottle steriliser, baby/ child cutlery, bowls, cups and plates, bath/ shower toys and non-slip mat, hand-held blender, a baby monitor to allow you to sit in the Broch while still hearing what's happening inside the wigwam® etc. There are lots of exciting outdoor family adventures to be had right here on the croft: spend quality time together on the beach, have a picnic, explore the rockpools, build sandcastles, play hide-n-seek in the dunes, or take up the challenge of our croft and seashore scavenger hunts. Sledging down the sand dunes on an old sheep feed bag is great fun on a frosty winters day! Don't worry about finding space to pack things such as beach toys and baby UV tents; we also have a family beach kit for hire. In the evening, have a barbeque and then toast some marshmallows while telling stories around the fire pit. Later, when the children are safely snuggled up for the night, add a peat to the fire, pour yourself a dram and surround yourself in the enchanting aroma of Hebridean days gone by. Be further transported back in time as our ancient Neolithic standing stone is silhouetted against the magnificent backdrop of the sun setting.

We have some fun activity ideas for playing in the rain, but if you'd rather stay nice and cosy in your Wigwam® on a rainy day, we also offer Rainy Day pack for sale. These include a selection of inspirational activities and games to amuse little, and not so little ones!