Our croft offers the thrilling and unique experience of being at one with nature, immersed in soul-stirring scenery and landscapes.

Experience the turquoise sea gently lapping the pure white sandy beach, spot birdlife, otters, seals and porpoises from our hidden sandy cove. Witness the drama of magnificent waves crashing ashore on the rocks. See the spectacular carpet of colourful Machair wildflowers, as well as the ever-changing colours of the North Atlantic. All this, set against a backdrop of heather hills which are often visited by Golden and Sea Eagles, making it a walker's paradise.

The croft is also home to the site of a fallen stone circle which archaeologists believe was a complex ritual site from the Neolithic age. One stone, Clach Steineagaidh, remains standing. We also have some Highland cattle, a flock of Cheviot and Blackface ewes and rams, as well as some very inquisitive Hebridean sheep who enjoy accompanying you around the croft until something else catches their eye!

Things to do on the croft:

  • Immerse yourself in the traditional Hebridean way of life. Take part in some of our seasonal crofting activities; help feed the ewes, spot newly born lambs and add to our New Lamb Count chalkboard, see our sheep being traditionally shorn using hand shears...why not have a go! the first step to producing the world-famous Harris Tweed. Please note; the Have-a-go! crofting experience is dependent on seasonal crofting activities.
  • Learn a little Gaidhlig. Gaidhlig (Gaelic) is the first language spoken by many Hearachs (Harris people), this is reflected in road signs and place names, although many are of Norse origin. We are a Gaidhlig speaking family and will happily give you some Gaidhlig phrases, or spend time chatting if you are learning the language. Gaidhlig signs with phonetics are displayed around the site and croft, giving you a taster of our beautiful language.
  • Roam the croft and coast with one of our Croft or Seashore scavenger hunt cards, spotting wildlife, birdlife, shells, machair wildflowers and stars in the night sky.
  • Stroll lazily along the beach, spend the afternoon in our hidden cove or climb the hill behind the croft in search of eagles.
  • Glimpse back in time as the Neolithic standing stone is silhouetted against the stunning backdrop of the sun rising and setting.
  • From Spring to Autumn, see the wonderful profusion of machair wildflowers. A beautiful carpet of mauves and purples, created by sea thrift, bluebells, orchids, field pansies and bog cotton, to mention but a few there are over 1000 identified wild flowers in the Hebrides.
  • In the winter months, sit under the stars and enjoy a breath-taking display from the Aurora Borealis.
  • A mere 5 minute walk also gets you to the Isle of Harris Golf course described as 'one of the most picturesque 9-hole courses in the world'.