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Wellbeing Retreats at Wigwam Holidays Charnwood Forest

Over the past 12 Months we have hosted numerous 2 night Wellbeing retreats that have proven to have been very successful. Our site is perfect for these events due to its peaceful and tranquil location.

Some of the reviews received by Camille who hosts the Wellbeing Retreats on our site:

''Just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the was so beneficial & magical. You have a wonderful gift of making these things happen & everything feels like it's sprinkled with magic fairy dust. Thank you...its been the best you & all that you do''

''Thank you so much for an amazing really spoilt us with such a wonderful array of workshops...loved them all...& what a super treat with our goodie bags too...its been fabuuulusss...thank you''

''Camille! I'm not even sure I could put to words what this weekend has done for me. It was honestly one of the best experiences I have ever had. You are amazing & everyone that was there this weekend was equally amazing. Can't wait for the next one.''

''It was an amazing & magical experience! Thank you Camille for creating this beautiful retreat & to connecting with our hearts. We enjoyed it so much & we feel so grateful & peaceful.''

''Thank you so so much for the most wonderful, magical weekend. It just went way beyond our expectations, seriously everyone need this weekend in their life & what you have given. I am so grateful for YOU, for this weekend & for everything. The hard work, effort & pure love what you put in really does shine through. I can't thank you enough. I love you, eternally grateful.''

The next 2 night weekend retreat is:

6th to 8th May 2022 - Soul Care - Fully Booked

17th to 19th June - Raise Your Vibration - Fully Booked

21st to 23rd June - Summer Solstice 2022 - Limited Availability

9th to 11th Sept - Moon Light & Mindfulness - Fully Booked

For further information, please email: