Handmade Scandinavian wood fired hot tub glamping near Leicester


A soak in a hot tub is a pleasurable and relaxing experience and now you can enjoy your time in the hot tub in the knowledge that it is also beneficial to your health and fantastic for your overall physical and mental well-being.

Located within the woodland adjacent to your cabin. Three of our six cabins have hot tubs. Your hot tub with be lit prior to your arrival. Just remove the lid give it a stir, check the temperature, step into it, and… relax!

It’s equally great in hot weather as well as in colder evenings. Nothing is better than star gazing on clear nights with a glass of your favourite wine. 

Handcrafted from Thermowood, your hot tub will remain at temperature for longer when not in use if you place the lid back on after use.

The tubs are thoroughly cleaned between use and is filled simply with fresh water. Just remember to shower before use to remove make-up, deodorant and sun cream to ensure the water remains clear.

Hot Tub Health Benefits:

Reduces Blood Sugar levels, Prevents headaches, Pain relief, Healthy skin, Relieving anxiety and stress, Lowers blood, pressure, Promotes a good night sleep, Boosts immune system, Good for your heart, Improves range of movement, Relieves lower back pain, Improve circulation, Helps with Fibromyalgia, Clears your head.

And…promotes happiness! 

There is a whole host of hot tub benefits, the only way to find out, is to test it yourself!