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Wigwam® Holidays The Loft Rules of the site

  • In the interests of safety please do NOT smoke in any accommodation or communal areas. Anyone found smoking will be asked to leave.
  • Noise levels after 10pm should be kept to a minimum. Please be considerate of other site users at any time of the day or night. Music is not permitted after 10pm. If noise levels are an issue please call the emergency number in your welcome pack and this will be dealt with by staff on site. We want you to enjoy your stay and enjoy the peaceful countryside.
  • Please leave the Wigwam® Cabins as you found them - clean and tidy. Any damage to the Wigwam® Cabins or its contents, or any exceptional cleaning required may be charged to your credit/debit card.
  • Checkout time is 10am, accommodation occupied after this may be subject to an additional day charge.
  • Any lost keys will automatically be charged at a rate of £20 per key.
  • There are kitchen and toilet facilities on the site please treat these both will respect and leave them clean and tidy for the next user.
  • Keep an eye on your children. Do not leave children or dogs unattended in the Wigwam® Cabins.
  • Please keep dogs on leads at all times and clean up any mess (ask at reception if you run out of bags).
  • Please do not allow children to climb on farm machinery or allow them to go into farm sheds/buildings, as this can be very dangerous.
  • Fires are permitted but only within fire-pits hired from The Loft. We can provide wood at an addirional charge or you can being your own, however this must be recognised purchased firewood not found wood or pallets etc.  
  • DISPOSABLE BBQ's are NOT permitted on site. Please bring your own free-standing BBQ. Please be aware that damage caused to grass, picnic benches and decking (or any other areas) due to negligent placement of BBQs or fire baskets will be charged for. This can be up to £100 per burnt area so please think before you place your BBQ or fire anywhere. We do not enjoy making high charges for damages incurred but repair, replacement and staff time is very costly regarding BBQ and fire damages.
  • We now operate a car free site for the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Please park at the main Reception building to check-in and then park in your designated parking area. At Millside Big Chief cabins you will find wheelbarrows to use to wheel your belongings to your accommodation. Parking and driving on the grass on the Barnside site is NOT permitted and we ask that you use the parking area provided. Only 1 car per booking, unless by prior arrangement. Additional cars must be parked in the overflow car park and may be subject to an additional charge.
  • On our Wilderness Campsite each pitch is allocated 1 car parking space next to the pitch. Please ensure you park within this space.
  • Hot Tubs must only be fuelled by wood provided by us specifically for hot tub use (please do not use fire-pit wood in wood burning stove as this will damage the stove and is not efficient for heating water and hot tub hardwood must not be burnt in firepits, if you wish to have a campfire please purchase wood specifically for this). Users of hot tubs must follow hot tub safety rules and rules of usage. Children must be supervised at all times and never left alone in hot tubs.
  • BBQ hut use is by arrangement only and is to be hired. This must be left clean and tidy. Children must never be left unsupervised in the BBQ hut. Sleeping is not permitted in the BBQ hut. Safety rules MUST be adhered to.
  • Users of Hot Tubs use must follow the safety guidelines provided in the accommodation with hot tubs.