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Before confirming your booking at The Loft please take the time to read the information below. It includes vital information regarding cancellation policies and the amenities and services available at the site, which will assist you with planning your holiday. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or any further information you may need to make your gathering extra special.

COVID-19 safety on site

Our site has developed additional T&C and cancellation and refund policies to help guests at this difficult time and we are part of Visit Scotland’s “Good to Go” scheme. We have strict COVID safe measures in place on site to keep our guests and staff safe during these challenging times. All guests are asked to abide by Government and onsite rules and maintain social distance and follow positive hygiene practices.

COVID booking security

The Loft Glamping & Camping Payment Guarantee is in place to protect your holiday if COVID-19 restrictions affect your booking. 
Your booking can under this guarantee be rescheduled should Government restrictions prevent you travelling to site or prevents us being able to welcome you to site. In the event of either you can choose what you would like to do with your booking from the following options:
• If you have paid in full you can receive a 75% refund on payments made and transfer the non-refundable 25% deposit payment made to an unspecified future date*. 
• If you have not made the full payment you can transfer the deposit payment you have made to a future unspecified date or a new date*. You do not need to make the balance payment to transfer the date. Balance payments will be due 2 weeks before your new booked date.
• Defer your booking in full to a future unspecified date or a new future date*.
*Please note all deferred bookings are transferable until June 2022 and any rebooked dates will be subject to availability and seasonal price variations may apply. All new bookings must be made directly with us. Please do not book new dates online as rescheduled dates cannot be transferred via online booking and any new dates must be requested by email or telephone.


• The Loft supports all Government directives in line with COVID-19 guidance and site rules are adapted accordingly to ensure the safety of guests and staff as instructed by the Government. 
• In support of Government directives, The Loft reserves the right to defer any bookings as required by lock down regulations as stated by the Scottish Government regarding non-essential travel. This is in the interest of public safety and COVID-19 transmission reduction. All guests are advised to follow all government guidelines.
• You must advise us as soon as possible if your area is affected by any restrictions that may impact your booking, late notice may result in your booking not being able to be deferred. If we discover that you are traveling from an area affected by restrictions, we reserve the right to refuse you access to the site. 

COVID regulations will include (but are not exhaustive and will vary in line with Government regulations and advice at the time of stay):

• Please do not travel to The Loft if you are exhibiting any symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone who has had a positive test.
• If any guest becomes ill while on site and exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19 they MUST immediately notify the site by phone via the emergency number provided and then leave the site (along with all members of their group/family) and self-isolate at home as per Government advice. In the circumstance that a positive COVID-19 test result be received guests must inform the site immediately to enable track and trace to be initiated.
• Guests must practice social distancing on site and must follow instructions on communal facilities usage rules (communal facilities are mandatory mask areas- please always carry a mask with you and wear this as appropriate unless you have a valid reason for exemption).
• Children must always be supervised on site to ensure they are abiding by social distancing guidance.
• Follow hand washing guidance.
• Socialising areas will remain closed in line with site decisions on safe operation. 
• No visitors are allowed on site, only residents are to visit the site.
• The failure of any guests to abide by any instructed or noted safety rules will be asked to leave and no refunds will be issued. Please understand any instruction will be in the interest of public safety.

Payment Policy

• Full payment or a 25% deposit payment is taken at the time of booking.
• Deposits are non-refundable (as they cover costs that cannot be recovered by the site) however if the cancellation is caused by COVID-19 restrictions/regulations in place the deposit value will be deferrable until June2022. 
• The balance of all payments is due 2 weeks (14 days) before your stay. Failure to pay the balance payment by the specified date may result in your booking being cancelled with no refunds being made. We will always attempt to contact you via e-mail and telephone before cancelling your booking, however if we fail to receive a response and payment completion after this your booking will be cancelled without refund.
• We accept all major debit and credit cards (excluding American Express) and payment via online channels.
• All data collected is for the sole use of The Loft and Wigwam® Holidays in relation to your booking and services provided by The Loft and we will not pass or sell this information onto any third party.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

• If more than 72 hours’ notice is given, we may, at our discrepancy, offer a reschedule where availability allows. 
• No refunds, either partial or in full, will be given within 1 week of stay. 
• Refunds made on deferrals, cancellation, or any changes to bookings (where more than 1 weeks’ notice has been given) will vary on the notice given, with a maximum of 75% refund given under any circumstances.
• A change to booking charge may be applied for rescheduled bookings for any reason other than COVID-19 occurrences.  
• We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic may affect many bookings made and are thus adapting our cancellation policy in line with the difficulties people are experiencing at this time. All bookings that cannot be honoured due to Government Regulations/restrictions surrounding COVID-19 are being offered the opportunity to move their holiday date, subject to availability for up until June 2022. 
• COVID-19 adaptations: The Loft supports the Government directives and will continue to ensure all advice/law/regulations on non-essential travel and social distancing are adhered to. We will not accept guests onsite from any lock down area/s until advised that it is safe to do so. 
• Rescheduled bookings must be made on a like-for-like basis to remain within the terms of our COVID-19 booking guarantee. Significant reductions to the value of the original booking as a result of material changes such as the number or cabins, nights and / or guests originally booked, can only be made at the discretion of the Site Owner and administration charges may be applied to reflect costs or losses already incurred. Otherwise such changes may be classified as a cancellation, resulting in forfeit of deposit and a new booking will need to be made.

Travel Insurance

• We strongly advise you to take out the appropriate levels of travel insurance, so you can have peace of mind that your costs will be covered, should you need to cancel your holiday for any reason and to cover any damage caused to accommodation or facilities during your stay.
• It is the client’s responsibility to get to The Loft for the booking whatever weather conditions prevail or personal circumstances arising. The Loft is not liable for any loss incurred by guests failure to attend their booking.


• The number of persons occupying the accommodation shall not exceed the maximum occupancy specified of the cabins/pitches booked.  
• Site facilities are reserved for guests booked to stay in the accommodation only. Visitors are welcome but must depart site before 6pm unless staying in onsite accommodation and must not pose a nuisance to other guests on site. Management reserve the right to request any additional guests to leave. We have experienced a small number of bookings for one cabin and this being used as a base for parties with large numbers attending, this is not acceptable, if this occurs, we reserve the right to ask all attending to leave the site. COVID alteration 2021: No non-residents on site during times of COVID-19 restrictions.
• Unaccompanied children (under 18) are not permitted to stay onsite. They must be accompanied by an adult over 25 years of age. This is for the protection of minors.
• Children and dogs must not be left unattended in cabins at any time.


• Please remember to bring your own bedding, towels, and pillows or hire these from the site at an additional charge.
• COVID: Due to COVID-19 bedding will not be available for hire until further notice.

Farm Safety & Site Safety

• Whilst much of the farm is accessible by farm tracks for walks, please do not walk across fields, please stick to paths. All farm buildings and farm machinery are strictly out of bounds.
• Please do not allow children to play on farm machinery or in farm sheds/buildings as this is dangerous. You must always supervise your children. Farm tracks are used daily for farming activity and you must always pay due care and attention.
• Gates should be left as found and the country code adhered to. 
• Do not enter fields or climb fences. Please stay on walking paths.
• Please be aware that our farm is a natural space and care must be taken to avoid potential dangers, paths can be uneven and slippery (especially when wet), natural occurrences like stinging nettles and insects are present.
• Our site safety rules must be adhered to. They have been created for your safety to give you safe guidance to the use of equipment and facilities on site. Please always follow the guidance given.
• Please never feed our farm animals, your kindness could cause them significant harm and in severe situations death. Please only feed animals when taking part in a supervised animal meet and feed session with staff at The Loft.


• Smoking is not permitted in any accommodation or in any communal areas.


• Well behaved dogs are welcome on our site and owners must always be responsible for them. There is a charge for dogs in cabins.
• Dogs must not be allowed on furniture or bedding; we suggest that guests bring their own dog bedding/bed to allow your pet to feel comfortable during their holiday.
• Dogs are not allowed inside the "Bothy" or "Nissen Shed" amenity blocks or any other communal areas and any damage caused by your dog will be chargeable.
• Dogs must not be left unattended in the Wigwam® Cabins/lodges.
• Dogs must be kept on leads whilst on site for the safety of other guests and farm animals.
• All mess must be cleaned up and deposited in bins.
• A maximum of 2 dogs per booking are permitted. 

Noise & Code of Conduct

• We expect all our guests to respect and look after the site and the cabins you are staying in.
• You must respect your fellow guests and keep noise levels low. 
• No loud music is permitted at any time.
• After 10pm we operate a quiet site policy (strictly no music after 10pm). 
• Any guests who do not adhere to noise guidelines or any other warnings by management, will be asked to leave the site without refund, and the police may be called to deal with any issues.
• A one warning system is in place and after this you will be asked to leave the site without refund.   
• If you experience noise issues, please call the emergency number provided in your welcome pack and a nominated member of our team will deal with this. Whilst we aim to be aware of noise onsite we cannot always hear noise in all areas and do not parole the grounds in the evening or through the night so please call to make us aware of any problems, we are here to help you enjoy your stay.
• Parents are responsible for their children at all times, as such children must always be supervised.

Group Bookings

• We welcome group bookings but ONLY by prior arrangement by phone so we can accommodate you appropriately. Group bookings are any booking of more than two cabins/pitches with more than six adults attending. If you continue with a group reservation online without contacting The Loft, you risk losing your booking(s). Service/deposit fees remain non-refundable. Please ensure your booking complies with regulations before booking.
• Please contact the site directly to organise parties, groups, or any corporate events. 
• We reserve the right to cancel group bookings or ask guests to leave the site without refund if they fail to disclose group gatherings to us in advance. This is for the enjoyment of all site users. Please call us to discuss before booking to avoid any disappointment. 
• Groups are expected to abide by onsite noise restrictions and all onsite rules during their stay and must not pose a disturbance to any other guests during their stay.
• We operate a strict quiet site policy after 10pm (no music or loud behaviour) and all guests are expected to respect this for the enjoyment of all site users. 
• A one warning system is in place and after this you will be asked to leave the site without refund. 

Arrival/Departure Procedures

• Cabin check-in is from 4pm onwards. Cabins may be available for an earlier check-in by arrangement only and this is subject to availability and this may not always be possible.
• Campsite check-in is from 1pm.
• Late arrivals can be pre-arranged, please call or email in advance of your arrival to let us know if you will arrive late (after 5pm). 
• No arrivals after 10pm, this is to avoid disturbance to guests already onsite by late night arrivals.
• Cabin departure is strictly by 10am unless late check out has been pre-arranged (failure to comply will result in additional charge).
• Campsite departure is by 11am.
• Details of check in/out procedures are available in The Loft Welcome Guide; it is the responsibility of ALL guests to ensure that they have read this in advance to ensure they can check-in appropriately. 

Cars on Site

• We operate a car free site by the cabins for the safety and enjoyment of all guests. Cars must not be driven on the grass or parked next to the cabins. Always park in the allocated parking area for your cabin, this will be detailed in your check-in pack which is available when you arrive onsite.
• Only x1 car per booking, unless by prior arrangement. Additional cars must be parked in the overflow car park and an additional charge will be incurred.
• On our campsite pitches are allocated x1 car parking space for tents. If additional cars are required for motorhomes or campervans these must be added as an extra charge and may need to be parked in the overflow car park. 
• Please ensure you park within your pitch and do not block road access or access to other pitches.


• Guests are expected to leave the cabins and pitches in a clean and tidy condition. 
• No rubbish is to be left in the cabins. 
• No food is to be left in the fridges. 
• We reserve the right to charge to the credit/debit card details given on booking an additional fee should the accommodation be left in an unsatisfactory condition or if there is any damage to the accommodation, the furnishings therein or the surrounding area.
• Guests are reminded that there are other customers on site and the kitchen area, showers and toilet facilities should always be left in a clean and tidy manner for the next user.
• All guests must appropriately recycle ALL rubbish and adhere to the correct bin usage. Please consider the environment and recycle appropriately.

Fires & BBQ

• Please be attentive and responsible with all fires and BBQ's.
• Campfires and standalone BBQ are permitted on site. NO DISPOSABLE BBQs allowed. Due to the dangers, frequency and high cost of damage caused by disposable BBQs these are now banned on site. Free standing BBQs may be used on site in the designated areas only. 
• Fire Baskets and wood must be booked at the time of booking accommodation or from reception before 4pm on the day required. 
• If you wish to have a fire you must  hire a fire-pit from us (you cannot bring your own fire pit- this is for safety and site damage reasons) but you may bring your own recognised bagged firewood (no palettes/irregular sized wood) to site or you can purchase firewood from us. Please do not burn wood "found" on site or taken from wood piles on site.
• Please be aware that damage caused to grass, picnic benches and decking (or any other areas) due to negligent placement of BBQs or fire baskets will be charged for. We do not enjoy making high charges for damages incurred but repair, replacement and staff time is very costly regarding BBQ and fire damages.
• In addition to damage to property fires pose a very real danger to yourself and other residents (as well as the wider area with forest fires) so please do not place fires on decking or picnic benches or in long grassy areas or on grass. Please only place these on the concrete slabs located close to your cabin or pitch (no fires are permitted anywhere else onsite).
• Fires and BBQ must always be attended. Never leave unattended. Never leave children unattended with a fire or BBQ. Extinguish all BBQ and fires before going to bed (handy tip, fill your kettle/water bucket with cold water and use this to carefully extinguish your BBQ or fire before going to bed, beware of steam produced).

Hot Tubs

• Guests must read and follow ALL instructions regarding hot tub usage. Please refer to detailed safety instructions provided in your welcome pack and online.
• Guests must not attempt to drain/empty the hot tub of any water or refill the hot tub. Any draining, emptying, and refilling of the hot tub can only be carried out by a member of The Loft staff.
• Guests must check the water level in the hot tub before lighting the stove. The water level must be above the hot water outlet in the tub.
• Temperature checks must be carried out by guests prior to entering the hot tub.
• Hot tubs will be filled and heated for the first night of stay unless an alternative arrangement is communicated in advance. 
• Hot tubs, in normal situations, can be expected to be ready for use by 7:30pm on the first night of your stay.
• Once guests arrive it is the guest’s responsibility to maintain the hot tub fire so the hot tub heats and to re-light and heat the hot tub for subsequent use. Do not overheat the hot tub, you must use the cold-water hose to reduce temperature if the water exceeds 40*C. Recommended maximum temperature for use is 40*C.
• If you are arriving later than 6pm it may not be possible for your hot tub fire to be maintained up until your arrival time, however The Loft will endeavour to leave your fire stocked as well as possible and fire lighting blocks will be provided for you to re-light your fire upon arrival and for an easy heating top up the following morning. 
• Please be aware wood fired tubs take time to reach temperature and this can be up to 4 hours from re-fill from cold and approximately 1 hour on subsequent re-heats (this is weather dependant and in very cold weather heating times can be longer, you must maintain a substantial fire to heat the water).
• Guests must shower before using the hot tub and ensure feet are grass free.
• Water will be changed after day 3 of your stay. Any empty and refill and water change before this will incur an additional charge, however if this is required please contact reception and this will be arranged as quickly as possible. Empty and re-fill must only be carried out by a member of staff.
• Children must always be supervised and never left unattended under any circumstance. Please refer to safety instructions.
• Hot tub wood is provided on a fair and reasonable usage basis and if additional wood is required there will be an additional charge incurred by lengthy hot tub use and water heating.
• Any damage to the hot tub, stove or surrounding area must be paid for. Damage to hot tubs and stoves are costly and guests are strongly advised to follow all instructions on safe usage to avoid high damages costs.

Damages & Breakages

• Please report any damage or breakages as soon as possible to the management.
• Any damage to accommodation, facilities, contents, or grass/surrounding area will be charged for. We reserve the right to charge damages to the credit/debit card given on booking.


• The owner and their representatives retain the right to enter the cabins at any time.
• Failure to comply with these terms and conditions will make you liable to lose your booking or your right to stay in the property without refund.
• Guests are expected to follow any additional requests and safety instructions issued by site staff, this is for the safety and enjoyment of all site users and staff.

Complaints & Suggestions procedure

• We do welcome constructive criticism and always aim to improve what we do, if, during your stay you have suggestions on ways we can improve the guest experience please let us know by email to, your feedback is appreciated.
• We take all comments from guests seriously and in the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint you can contact us in person whilst you are on site where we will do all we can to rectify the situation. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible and ideally this will be done while you are on site and we can rectify the situation, so you can enjoy your holiday. Alternatively, you can contact us by email or phone, and we will respond to your complaint in a fair and reasonable timescale.