Hot Tubs

The ‘Kirami’ wood-fired hot tubs are from Finland and offer the perfect way to unwind. The crackle of the wood fire and soothing sensation of deep hot water guarantees a unique and relaxing experience. LEDs are fitted into the internal floor to give a unique lighting experience while sitting under the stars. Our hot tubs offer the ideal way to enjoy a superb rural landscape and view of Cornwall’s extinct volcano – Rough Tor and they look superb adjacent to the attractive rustic look of the cabin and it’s palisade privacy fencing.
‘Kirami’ hot tubs take the needs of the whole family into account, regardless of age or physical condition as the hot tub has built-in steps making it easier to get into and out of the tub, as well as improving safety as children especially can sit on the highest step while bathing. Our hot tubs have efficient burners. No electrical pumps are required as the heat transfer and water circulation occurs naturally and together with an aesthetically pleasing super insulated cover that minimises overnight heat loss, our hot tubs are considered eco-friendly.

Hot tub bathing also offers a plethora of health benefits including:

Hydrotherapy, whereby warm water stimulates the body to release endorphins which create good feelings. Evidence has also suggested that the heat can help blood vessels open up reducing blood pressure. The buoyancy of the water provides some feeling of weightlessness thereby taking pressure off joints and limbs, while skin and muscles loosen and relax from increased circulation when in the warm water.
Sleep Therapy. Sitting in a hot tub raises your body temperature and the weightlessness can be very relaxing creating the right conditions for a deeper sleep. Studies also suggest that once your body temperature has dropped on leaving the hot tub that this temperature change may also induce a deeper sleep.  
These benefits can be the perfect antidote to any car journey especially and if you inform us of your arrival time, should you require it, we can light the fire and pre heat the water for you to immediately immerse yourself upon arrival.

Usage Tips.

Wood-fired hot tubs are similar to an open fire and do need special attention. Part of the enjoyment is creating the fire that heats your hot tub!
When you first use your hot tub it takes a starter fire kit to light it (which includes kindling, firelighters and kiln dried logs). Once a good fire has been established, additional logs need to be added at intervals. After about 2 hours, this should get the temperature up to around 35 degrees.  
If you place the insulated cover on your hot tub after use it (depending on outside temperatures), it should lose very little heat and therefore, the next day, will not use as much wood to get it up to heat again. Please ensure however, you check the water temperature before getting in.