Water SupplyWater Supply
 All water is sourced on the farm site from a borehole dug 40m down. This means there is no impact on South West Water’s own supplies.
On site purificationOn Site Purification
The borehole water is pumped up into a pressurised purification system that includes ph, nitrate, debris and ultraviolet filters.
Waster water treatment diggerWaster wAter TreatmentWaste Water Treatment
All wastewater from sinks and toilets enters an onsite sewage treatment plant. This draws very little electrical power and produces treated water. The remaining solid waste is more condensed meaning fewer lorries and it can also be used as fertiliser.
Treated waste waterTreated Waste Water
The treated waste water (which is safe to drink) enters a holding tank together with collected rain water and will be used to irrigate vegetable and fruit plants grown in our poly tunnel. These home grown foods may then also be available to our Wigwam Holiday guests as well as the site owners themselves.
Refuse recyclingRefuse Recycling
A recycling point has been created and guests are asked to separate items. These are then taken away by our waste partner to the usual recycling plants.
Refuse incinerationRefuse Incineration
General (non-recyclable items) are taken by our waste partner and these are transported to the ‘St Dennis Incinerator’ (24 mls away).
Thus ZERO waste from Wigwam Holidays Great Tregath goes to landfill.
solar panelsSolar Panels
A portion of the electricity used by the Wigwam Cabins, plus for all the water pumping systems, is provided by the sun from roof mounted solar panels.
Biomass heatingBiomass Heating
Although not directly related to the Wigwam Holidays site, the main farmhouse uses heat and hot water provided by a commercial biomass boiler which is concurrent with the government’s renewable heat policy.