We love our wildlife at Wigwam Holidays Ball Hall Farm, so try to be as sustainable as we can by:


We have recently changed suppliers, and now our electricity comes from 100% renewable sources



The site is surrounded by wildlife, consisting of a large wildlife lake surrounded by trees, with a 6 acre woodland onsite. Waterfowl can be seen on the lake, hares, barn owls, red kites and bats scouting for insects at dusk. Often deer can be seen in the woodland.

To help encourage wildlife onsite,

Long grass kept between cabins – providing a valuable habitat for many insect species and voles.

Lake Island - Ideal safe nesting site for many waterfowl including swans and geese.

Bird, Bat and Owl boxes

Variety of native and non native trees to provide a variety of habitat and food for birds


Eco friendly cleaning products

We only use eco friendly cleaning products, these are Ecover and Dew disinfectant.  The disinfectant is made in Scotland, environmentally friendly, safe to use and importantly kills covid-19.



Onsite  recycling for - glass, plastic, cans,  paper, cartons and cardboard