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Accessible Cabins

We have three Wigwam® Lodge Accessible cabins, designed to be wheelchair accessible and can sleep up to 5. All of these cabins have stunning lake views.

All of the Wigwam® Lodge Accessible cabins include

  • Gentle sloping ramp up to the decking area leading to level access into the cabin and bathroom.
  • Kitchenette with shallow sink and moveable lower kitchen cabinets for access
  • A wide access bathroom/wet room with grab rails and a high toilet
  • A wheelchair-accessible picnic table and electric charging point
  • Parking next to the cabin, with an accessible ring road around the site
  • There are three Wigwam® Lodge Accessible cabins, Oak (dog friendly), Rowan and Sycamore
  • Information Pack with wheelchair accessible attractions and places to eat

All of the cabins are fully heated and insulated and have outside seating with a wheelchair accessible picnic table and firepit/BBQ

Door spaces

Ramp width 103cm, main door 85cm, bathroom door 81cm