Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle welcomes you!

Almond Valley Museum

An innovative family-friendly museum that exists to make our local heritage interesting, meaningful and accessible to all.

The Royal Observatory

Your window into the world of astronomy!

The Scottish Mining Museum

Come and explore a piece of Scotland's finest heritage!

Skirmish Scotland Paintball

In a time when life can seem nothing but stressful it's important to relax or run around shooting friends and colleagues alike in the very latest of paintball packages!!

Kingsfield Laser Clays

Laser Clay Shooting is the ideal leisure pursuit for everyone of all ages to enjoy and participate in. Laser Clays is a mobile sporting activity which offers both fun and competition for all participants.

Paintball and Paintballing Scotland

Paintballing In Scotland as you might of guessed is all about paintball and the sites that are scattered across this great country.