The Scandinavian wood-fired hot tub with our Running Water Deluxe cabins make for a very special experience here at Evenlode Grounds.

Our wood-fired hot tubs are handcrafted using tried and tested natural materials our ancestors have used for centuries. Wood is sustainable, environmentally friendly material that is truly our most natural resource. Wood fired hot tubs are very economical to run, very easy to use, maintain and lovely to look at.

Our wooden hot tubs have numerous benefits when it comes to your health. They can help with ailments as diverse as diabetes, high blood pressure, muscle aches, joint aches or headaches. A nice hot soak will release endorphins, which make us feel good about ourselves and also act as our body's painkillers, help strengthen our immune system, help to prevent headaches and help with sleep problems.

After your journey here, or a long day at work, simply, light the wood burner and wait for the water to heat up (typically one and a half hours). Give it a stir with the giant paddle and slip into the relaxing warm water enjoying the lovely natural scent and touch of wood. Enjoy the beautiful sunsets with a glass of wine in your hand and the steam rising up into the starlit sky.

As the name suggests, the wood-fired hot tubs are similar to an open fire and need lots of special attention. Part of the enjoyment is creating the fire that heats your hot tub!

When you first use your hot tub it takes a starter fire kit to light it (which includes kindling wood, firelighters and a bag of flaming logs) and then once a good fire has been established, a further bag of ordinary logs. After about 2 hours, this should get the temperature up to around 35 degrees. We recommend lighting your hot tub soon after arrival and all wood can be purchased on site.

If you place the lid on your hot tub after use it will lose less heat and therefore, the next day, will not use as much wood to get it up to heat again. Please ensure you check the water temperature before getting in.