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Rather than worrying about what you need to pack or indeed whether it will all fit in the car, why not add a few extras to help make your stay with us that bit more relaxing. 

*Double Bedding Packs and Towel Packs can be requested by emailing

Additional Car parking space (Each Wigwam comes with x1 car parking space inc in the price) £ 5
Complete Fire Bundle
Everything you need for those cosy campfire nights.
 £ 15
Double bedding pack
That clean sheet feeling on arrival and more room in the car.
*Suitable for 2 people sharing a double.
 £ 20
Double bedding pack
Suitable for 4 people sharing a Wigwam

To extend your outdoor experience.
 £ 10
Outdoor Lanterns
Add an intimate glow to your Wigwam® experience with our outdoor lanterns. 
 £ 8
Adult Celebration Pack
We will decorate your Wigwam pre-arrival.
Includes: Fairy lights, Prosseco, Banners, Birthday Card, Balloons 
(Please email us with the details of the Birthday recipient) 
 £ 30
Towel Pack
Take the luxury of glamping up a notch with a sumptuous towel pack.
Travel Cot
For baby adventure seekers, hire our travel cot.
Romantic Package
Romantic package: Treat that important person in your life to a romantic break away.
Includes: Fairy lights, Luxury chocolates, Bottle of sparkling Wine & Bedding pack
Dog Package
For that special Pooch who deserves the best.
Includes: Dog Blankets, Dog Treats, Food and water bowl & Poo Bags
Children's Celebration Package
We will decorate your Wigwam pre-arrival.
Includes: Fairy lights, Sweets, Banners, Birthday Card & Balloons
Spa Package
Enjoy glamping in all its glory with our sumptuous spa package, guaranteed to leave you revitalized & refreshed.
Includes: Two dressing gowns, Towel slippers, Use of a Foot Spa including foot soak, Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser (choice of 2 Essential Oils), Bedding Pack, Bed Throw,
Towel pack, Fairy lights
Sensory Package
Sensory toys are a great solution to help children with autism to relax and engage their senses.
Includes: Infinity mirror, Sound and scent diffuser, Massage wand, Glow bear, Fish lava lamp, Prickle ball, Starry night light projector.