Booking Online

  1. Meadowhead Limited is a UK based Company. Payment in full is required at the time of booking online for caravan holiday home hire, Wigwam hire, touring and camping bookings.
  2. Bookings for tent and touring pitches will incur a £1.50 booking fee.
  3. Customers who do not want to use our online booking service can book their holiday by contacting the park of their booking choice directly by telephone (different terms and conditions apply, please see below).
  4. All bookings are accepted at the discretion of the park manager.
  5. All prices quoted are in GBP Sterling and are inclusive of VAT. Please understand that the Euro Rate specified in our tariff will fluctuate and prices are published as a guide only.
  6. The use of awnings, gazebos or pup tents must be stated at the time of booking. You will be charged for any extras.
  7. The size of your tent, touring caravan or motorhome must be stated at the time of booking. If your tent is over 24 square meters additional space may be required in order to meet fire safety regulations therefore we ask for a supplementary fee. This allows us to accommodate you and ensure the safety of everyone on the park at all times.
  8. Our touring pitches vary in size within their price bands. We will match your touring caravan or motorhome booking to the correct pitch size, but on occasion we may not be able to meet this requirement especially during high season for larger vehicles. Please be aware that on rare occasions this could mean rejecting your booking. (N.B. Vehicles over 8m will incur an R.V charge).
  9. Bookings can only be made by a person over 18 years of age who is in attendance during the holiday and agrees on behalf of all persons in their party to abide by the conditions of booking and the rules of the park.
  10. We do not accept bookings from groups of young people without their parents, single sex groups or parties below the age of 18. We may accept bookings by organised clubs through their committee and at the park manager's discretion.
  11. Dogs are allowed on the park and it is the owner's responsibility to ensure they clean up after their dog. Certain breeds of dog are not allowed please check with the park before booking. No more than 2 dogs allowed per booking and they must be kept on leads at all times and kept off the upholstery in the caravan holiday homes. Other pets may be allowed at the discretion of the park manager - please enquire before booking.
  12. We recommend that guests have an appropriate level of travel insurance in place for their needs.

Cancellation of your Booking

  1. By Meadowhead Ltd: We reserve the right in any circumstance to cancel your booking and in this event we will return the monies you have already paid or will offer you an alternative holiday of comparable standard, subject to availability. We will not pay compensation.
  2. By You: After a booking has been confirmed by us, payment for your holiday will only be refunded on production of a doctor's certificate or redundancy letter. Therefore we strongly recommend you take out your own holiday insurance incorporating a cancellation policy.
  3. Complaints Procedure If for any reason you are not satisfied with a product or service you receive from us, in the first instance please contact the General Manager at the holiday park your complaint originates. We will make every effort to resolve your concern. Contact details for our parks can be found at the foot of these terms and conditions or to speak to the park directly telephone 0870 7606924. If in the unlikely event we are unable to resolve your complaint then you may choose to use and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) platform. Such a platform can be found here Your statutory rights are not affected.

Caravan Holiday Homes & Wigwam Hire

  1. Caravan holiday homes only: are fully equipped to the maximum occupancy specified for that accommodation.
  2. Caravan holiday homes only: all bed linen and towels are provided for the number of guests in your booking.
  3. Wigwam Cabins only: if you have taken advantage of our sleeping bag or fire pit hire service then these items will be ready for you at your Wigwam upon your arival. Availability of these services may vary from park to park. We also advise that you bring with you bed linen, pillows, towels, crockery and cooking utensils as you would when camping.
  4. Wigwam Cabins only: Wigwam kitchen facilities exist at all of our Wigwam parks and offer facilities for preparing and cooking food.
  5. Wigwam Cabins only: use of WC and shower facilities located near your Wigwam are included in the cost of your holiday.
  6. Electricity, gas, water and heating are all included in the cost of your holiday.
  7. All members of your party must be detailed on the booking form and only these persons are allowed to occupy the accommodation. The total number in your party should not exceed the maximum occupancy of the unit. The remainder of your holiday may be at risk if you are found to be exceeding the persons on your booking form.
  8. Any visitors to your accommodation must report to reception and are expected to abide by the rules of the park.
  9. You are expected to leave your accommodation in a clean and tidy condition and to maintain the standard that you found it upon your arrival.
  10. `All breakages, damages or missing items should be reported immediately to reception. A charge may be made.
  11. Arrival time - any time after 4pm and before 8pm. If later arrival is required or in case of emergency 'en route' please contact the park direct.
  12. Departure time - strictly by 10am on the day of departure.

Touring Park - Pitch Hire

  1. On arrival you will be allocated a pitch number, please ensure you have parked on allocated pitch. Failure to do so may result in you being asked to leave the park immediately.
  2. Owners of tents and awnings are requested to lift groundsheets during the day to minimise ground damage.
  3. Open camp fires are strictly prohibited on the park. Please ensure that any portable/disposable barbeques do not damage the grass. You are required to observe and follow the park rules that will be issued to you upon your arrival.
  4. Any visitors to your accomodation must report to reception and are expected to observe and follow the park rules.
  5. Arrival time - any time between 2pm and 8pm. If later arrival is required or in case of emergency 'en route' please contact the park direct.
  6. Departure time - pitches must be re-booked and paid for by 10am on day of departure or vacated by 12 noon.

Lost Property

  1. Any lost property that is found on the park will be kept for no more than 1 month form the date that it was found. If the property has not been claimed then the property will be donated to a local charity shop or otherwise disposed of.
  2. Should you wish to have an item of found property returned, we will need the date of your stay and holiday reference together with a description of the item and a minimum of £10 for the return dependant of the size and nature of the property.
  3. We cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage during your stay and all property is the responsibility of its owner. We cannot store your property.

Bookings Made Directly Through the Park and by Using the Booking Form

Bookings are welcomed using these methods:

  1. Completing and returning the booking form to the park of your booking choice with the appropriate deposit. We do not accept post-dated cheques.
  2. Telephone booking giving your details and credit or debit card details for deposit or full payment transactions.
  3. Please ensure you request a booking reference at the time of booking.
  4. For advance bookings of tent and touring pitches - one night's fee will be expected as a deposit, should you not arrive at the park for the first night of the booking, the booking will be deemed cancelled and all monies paid will be non-refundable and the remainder of the booking cancelled. Booking should be made in writing together with the deposit and a £1.50 booking fee.
  5. Provisional bookings can be made in advance and are held for 5 days. If bookings are not confirmed by means of a deposit within this time they wilol be automatically be cancelled. Please inform us immediately if you decide not to take up your booking.
  6. All booking forms must be signed by a person over 18 years of age who agrees on behalf of all persons in their party to abide by the conditions of booking and the rules of the park.
  7. We require a minimum 50% deposit for caravan holiday home and Wigwam hire bookings.
  8. On acceptance of your booking and for deposit payment a confirmation of booking will be sent detailing the full cost, deposit paid and balance due.
  9. All balances must be settled in full no later than 6 weeks prior to arrival.
  10. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the cancellation of the booking. All monies paid are non-refundable.
  11. No guarantees can be given concerning 'special requests' this is purely discretional and will be dependent on the business of the park at that time.
  12. Reminders for balance payments will not be sent.