Terms And Conditions

  • Last arrival time 9pm. Please call the site on arrival date if you are due to arrive after 6pm. Departure from your Wigwam® must be 10:30am or before.
  • Our speed limit is 10 MPH or less - preferably 1st gear. The site has speed humps, so please take care.
  • NO gazebos allowed.
  • Please do not drive onto the Wigwam® field. You will be shown where to park and please do not drive on the grass especially in wet conditions. Please ask for assistance if damage to the ground is to occur.
  • Dogs are only allowed in certain Wigwam® Cabins, so please check with the site if you are wishing to bring your dog. ALL dogs must be kept on a lead whilst on the park and be exercised off the park where possible. Should accidents happen, PLEASE PICK UP!
  • Barbecues and hot utensils/kettles must not be placed directly on the grass or wooden decking/picnic benches. Any damage caused must be paid for.
  • Minimum noise after 10:30pm. Anyone creating a disturbance will be asked to leave - NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

In the interests of safety, limited cycling/skating etc. is allowed (please ask). Children should be supervised and wear appropriate safety clothing (the park is not a race track).

Children are very welcome in this park, but we do ask that they are supervised at all times. All children must play in the designated areas (please ask if unsure) and not in or around the toilet blocks/caravans/Wigwam® Cabins. Any damage caused will ultimately be the responsibility of the guardian.

The play park is not available after 9pm or dusk, whichever comes first.