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High Season (July & August)£105.00 per night
Mid Season (March - June & September - October)£85.00 per night
Low Season (November - February)£75.00 per night
Summer School Holidays 2021 (26/07 - 05/09 inclusive)£115.00 per night
Christmas (24th - 27th December) Including bedding & towels £140.00 per night
New Year (30th - 1st January) Including bedding and towels £130.00 per night
Additional Adult £10.00 per night
Additional Children£5.00 per night 
Children under 2 FREE
  • 2 night minimum stay all week
  • 3 night minimum stay on bank holidays


Hot tub

£30.00 per night
Towels£5.00 per cabin
Bedding£5.00 per bed
BBQ coal (1kg)£5.00 per bag
Firepit kindling£5.00 per net
Firewood bundle (logs, kindling, firelighter & matches)£10 per pack