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Glamping near Carmarthen

You’ll find Wigwam® Holidays Rivendell Farm nestled in a valley all of its own, one thousand feet above sea level in the Carmarthenshire Hills. The farm sits on one hundred acres of beautiful, rolling Welsh countryside — what better place to get away from it all and get stuck into some serious R&R time? 

Although the historic town of Carmarthen is a mere 20-minute drive away, our farm feels like a world apart. You’ll find it the perfect setting to relax and recharge your batteries, with local attractions and the stunning Carmarthenshire coast on your doorstep if you want to set out and explore the local area. With its Roman origins and links to the Arthurian legend of Merlin, Carmarthen and the surrounding area are rich in stories and tradition, or you can enjoy walks in the wooded valleys or long sandy beaches of the nearby coast.

Nigel and Sharon both found their way to farming from other walks of life, but along the way they’ve both developed a love of the outdoor lifestyle, and can’t wait to welcome you to their peaceful corner of the country. Not that they’re the only faces waiting to greet you. Rivendell is a small-scale working farm that focuses on rare breeds, and is home to sheep, Highland cattle, Berkshire pigs (and Daisy the pietrain), as well as a small flock of goats, ducks, chickens and guinea fowl. A veritable menagerie!