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Running Water Deluxe Wigwam® Cabin - Price based on 4  guests sharingPrices
per night
Low season (October - February)£63
Mid season (March - April)£78
High season (May - September)£85
Single Night Supplement£10
Extra car parking space£ 5
Double bedding per bed£15
Single bedding per bed Not available 
Towel pack (Includes 1 bath & 1 hand towel)£ 5
Firewood bundle (Includes logs, kindling, firelighters & matches)£ 10
Firewood top-up£ 7
String of lights outside your cabin£ 8

Breakfast Option 1 (2 nights, 2-3 people) - £22.95

1x 500g Pork Sausage

1x 500g Special Cumberland Sausages

2x 500g Bacon

1x6 Sliced White Barms

1x Thick Toastie Loaf

1x 200g Butter


Breakfast Option 2 (2 nights, 2-3 people) - £24.95

2x 500g Pork Sausages

2x 500g Bacon

2x6 Medium Eggs

1x6 Sliced White Barms

1x Thick Toastie Loaf

1x 200g Butter


Breakfast Option 3 (2 nights, 2-3 people) - £19.95

1x Thick Toastie Loaf

1x 200g Butter

10x Strawberry Jam Portions

1x8 Kelloggs Variety Cereal

2x 1Ltr Semi Skimmed Milk

15x PG Envelope Teabags

15x Nescafe Sachets

30x White Sugar Sachets

1x 1Ltr Orange Juice OR Apple Juice OR Pineapple Juice


Children’s Pack (2-3 people, 2 nights) - £24.95

1x 1.7Ltr Robinsons NAS Orange Cordial OR NAS Apple & Blackcurrant

6x Galaxy Chocolate Sachets

1x8 Kelloggs Variety Cereals

12x 2 Finger Kit Kats

3x Bags Haribo Pink & White Marshmallows

8x Bags of Walkers Mixed Crisps

4x Mixed Apples

4x Satsumas


BBQ Box (2-4 people, 2 nights) - £29.95

2x 500g Pork Sausages

8x Beef Burgers

8x Chicken Drumsticks

2x6 Sliced White Barms

2x6 Finger Rolls

10x Heinz Tomato Sauce Sachets

10x HP Sauce Sachets

  •  2 nights minimum stay on a Friday or Saturday
  • 3 nights minimum stay on bank holidays
  • 10% off when you book 5 nights or more