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This is our moment to say thank you

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We believe connection to the outdoors is an intrinsic part of happiness. Over the past few months, life has been on pause. But we recognise that for many people, the past few months have been, at the least, challenging. For many people, this period has confronted those with struggle and loss.

From those who have being fighting in front line jobs day after day, to those who have been trapped inside by this virus, we see you. We see your pain and we applaud your resilience.

We have been touched by the hard work and connectivity of our communities during this crisis. We appreciate that our access to the outdoors has been limited, but when the time is right, we want to gift it back.

The ‘Gift the Outdoors’ campaign is designed to acknowledge and celebrate our hero’s during covid-19. The campaign will provide you the opportunity to nominate someone that has made life during lockdown that bit easier for you - your ‘hero’. This could be a local shop assistant, an NHS worker, or simply a friend.

The campaign operates in two ways:

  1. Your nomination:
    From your nominations we will select a number of heroes from various categories and award them a Wigwam Holiday in the great outdoors.

  2. Your donation:
    However big or small it may be, your donations will help build an ongoing ‘hero fund’ which aims to gift as many heroes as possible a holiday in the outdoors.

Nominations are not mandatory, if you would simply like to donate to our Hero fund – any contribution in any way will be supportive. We aim to inspire both reflection and gratitude for what has been an incredibly challenging time for us all.

The outdoors is a sacred place. For some the outdoors is a moment of silence, for others it is a lifetime of happiness, but whatever the outdoors is, it is something we need.

This is our moment to say thank you by gifting the outdoors.