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Gift The Outdoors

This is our moment to say thank you


We believe connection to the outdoors is an intrinsic part of happiness. Over the last few months we have been touched with the hard work and resilience of our communities during this crisis. As our access to the outdoors has been limited, when the time's right we’re preparing to gift it back.

Gift the Outdoors provides you the opportunity to nominate someone that has made life during lockdown that little bit easier for you - your ‘hero’. This could be a local shop assistant, an NHS worker, or simply a friend.

The Gift The Outdoors campaign is designed to acknowledge and celebrate our heroes during Covid-19. Here’s how your contribution will support our heroes: Any donation you make will contribute to our ‘hero fund’ and your nomination will provide us the chance to award a selection of heroes a Wigwam Holiday.

This is our moment to say thank you by gifting back the outdoors.