Payment Policy

A deposit is to be made upon booking your stay the balance must be paid within 14 days of arrival to site. Failure to pay the balance may result in loosing your booking. All deposits are non-refundable

Cancellation/ No-Show Policy

In the event of cancellation or no-show we do not offer any refund. However, if  more than 7 days notice is given we will use our own discretion to offer an alternative date or a partial refund (50%). 

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise that you have the correct travelling insurance so you can have piece of mind whilst enjoying your holiday. With this appropriate insurance should you need to cancel your holiday for any reason you will be covered for your needs.


Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside the cabin. Guests are permitted to smoke/vape outside of the cabin as long as the cigarette butts are disposed of responsibly not a danger to animals or the cabin. 


Dogs are not permitted.

Complaints Procedure

In the unfortunate event of a complaint, please speak to the owner directly,  by telephone or email and we will do our absolute best to resolve any issues. We welcome all comments and feedback from guests

Code of Conduct

Be respectful of the cabin and the residents down our lane. There is designated parking and vehicles are not to be parked in any other area on the yard. Please respect the neighbours and keep the noise to a minimum after 10pm and when returning late to site. Outdoor Music and Speakers are allowed but not loud enough to be heard away from the cabin. Guests are NOT permitted to remove any of the permanent fixtures such as furniture, crockery or extras provided by Wigwam Holidays Fir Tree Farm. Guests are expected to leave their Wigwam Cabin in a neat and tidy condition. If you have any other enquiries, please contact Wigwam Holidays Fir Tree Farm directly on 07969057839 (Heather), 07974551595 (Rachel) or 01948 871210 (Farmhouse)