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Wigwam Holidays Franchise Case Studies

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Wigwam Holidays Franchise Case Studies

We thought it would a good idea to interview some of our sites to give you the chance to hear directly from those who have taken that leap into buying a WigwamHolidays franchise. Have a look at the videos below to learn about some of the challenges faced by our franchisees and what they love about running a glamping business and being part of the Wigwam Holidays community. 

Job Diversification with Wigwam Holidays Cove Farm

When Rosie’s parents sold the family farm, they kept a small field for themselves. The field was no bigger than a few acres and there was nothing much exceptional about it. Gavin had recently left work offshore so he could be around for their newborn baby and Rosie was working full time in sales. They wanted to find a way to monetize the field that would guarantee a stable source of additional income and support their new families' future. In this episode, we talk about some of the challenges they faced when setting up, why they like being a part of the Wigwam Holidays community and how they manage to work full-time jobs, run a Wigwam Holidays franchise and look after two young children.

Earning Money While You Sleep - Nick & Airin Gilmour, Wigwam Holidays Montrave Estate

Nick and Airin run a deer farm at Montrave Estate in Fife, Scotland. They knew that they wanted to diversify their farm but wanted to work with an established brand. They had some experience with holiday accommodation and when they came across Wigwam Holidays, they knew that it was the right fit for them. In this episode, we talk about why they choose Wigwam Holidays, what it’s like to run a franchise, and the quiet satisfaction of earning money while you sleep.

Escaping the 9 to 5 - James Goode, Wigwam Holidays Brampton

James worked in car sales for much of his adult life. He decided it was time for a change when he was struggling to spend enough time with his wife and children because he was working so much. He bought a fishery in Cumbria and later decided that he could make more of the land if he offered accommodation as well. He wanted to work with an experienced brand and when he met Charles Gulland, managing director of Wigwam Holidays, he knew that his ambitions of helping people enjoy the outdoors were completely aligned with our own. In this episode, we talk about why Jame's site enjoys such success, how the Wigwams compare to the other business he has on-site, and how much fun it can be running a Wigwam Holidays franchise.

Freedom From Livestock Farming - John Hume From Wigwam Holidays Moffat

John Hume left his family farm over 10 years ago. After thinking about moving abroad, he decided that he didn't want to leave his home in the Scottish borders. He bought a small livestock farm not far from where he grew up and always knew he wanted to do something in tourism because he felt there was great potential in the area. He thought about some alternative accommodation but wanted to work with an experienced business that could help him understand a market he had no experience in. In this episode, we talk about how some of the challenges John faced in getting his site off the ground, why John loves being a part of the Wigwam Holidays community and how having Wigwams on his farm has given him a great sense of freedom.