What is glamping?

Wigwam® Holidays glamping is camping made comfy


Glamorous camping: what's it all about?

Glamping is short for 'glamorous camping'. It takes the best parts of camping and subtracts the leaky tents, the pesky mosquitoes and the chilly, sleepless nights. After all, nature should be enjoyed, not endured.

Key to glamping is ultra-cosy accommodation in the form of our comfy wooden Wigwam® Cabins. All of our Wigwam® Cabins are fully insulated and have double-glazing, heating and electric lighting. Some even feature en-suite bathrooms with toilets and showers. They're carefully crafted to make you feel truly at home in the great outdoors.

family glamping

Family glamping

Gather round the campfire with the people who mean the most to you. Explore ancient standing stones in Snowdonia, build sand kingdoms along the Argyll coast or learn about daily life on one of Cornwall's organic farms.

We have more than 80 Wigwam® Sites around Britain making it easy to plan an affordable family holiday you'll remember forever.


Romantic glamping

Cuddle up with your special someone in some of the country's most remote landscapes. Marvel at the Northern Lights in the Shetland Isles, go wine tasting in the lush valleys of Somerset or take trip to the world-famous Causeway Coast.

Our Wigwam® Cabins are also ideal for last-minute romantic breaks with glamping destinations just a short drive from all major cities.


Adventure glamping

Get your adrenaline flowing with a glamping adventure in the great wide open. Ride the wild Scottish surf, canoe along Cornwall's River Fowey or go mountain biking in the famous Glentress Forest.

After an active day, there's no better place to rest your head than a warm and cosy Wigwam® Cabin at one of our amazing Wigwam® Sites.