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What is a Wigwam Cabin?

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What is a Wigwam Cabin

What is a Wigwam Cabin?

Our Wigwam Cabins are state-of-the-art timber cabins set in the beautiful British wilderness. Carefully crafted, and with heating and electricity, they're perfect for affordable glamping holidays with family, friends or that special someone.

Rooted in Native American culture, the word 'wigwam' is used by several tribes to refer to a domed dwelling. For the Abenaki tribe, native to the Northeastern states of North America, wigwam simply means 'house'. Designed to be more permanent than teepees, wigwams were built for those who wanted to settle down and feel at home within nature's wildest landscapes.

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Types of Wigwam Cabin

There are four types of Wigwam Cabin, all of which are fully insulated and double-glazed, and have electric heating and lighting. Each Wigwam Site has a different mix of Wigwam Cabins.

These smaller Wigwam Cabins feature a spacious sitting area that transforms into comfortable sleeping platforms for up to four people. Each Wee Brave Wigwam has a panel heater, lighting and power sockets and many have a fridge, too. Some also include a TV and an outdoor picnic table, depending on the Wigwam Site you stay at.

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Family big chief

A bit bigger than the Wee Braves, our Big Chief Wigwam Cabins sleep up to five people on comfy platforms, making them the ideal choice for family glamping holidays. They include a panel heater, electric lighting and power sockets, and many Wigwam Sites also include a TV and a fridge in their Big Chief Wigwam Cabins, as well as a private, outdoor picnic area.

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Running Water

Our Running Water Wigwam Cabins are large and luxurious, and built from UK-sourced sustainable timber. They include all the amenities of the Wee Brave and Big Chief Wigwam Cabins, plus toilet facilities and a sink with hot and cold water. Many of our Running Water Wigwam Cabins also come with a Mira sport shower and a mini kitchen with a fridge and a microwave.

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Running water internal front facing

The Running Water Deluxe Wigwam Cabin is the showstopper in our range and sleeps up to four adults or a family of five. It's our most luxurious cabin with an en-suite toilet, kitchen sink and Mira sport shower. Most also feature a mini kitchen with a fridge and a microwave. Best of all, our Running Water Deluxe Wigwam Cabins have double-glazed patio doors for panoramic views.

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Wigwam Lodge Accessible Cabin

The Running Water Deluxe Accessible Wigwam Cabin comes fully adapted to Category 3 disabled regulations and has the same high end, show-stopping features as the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam Cabin, will fully adapted extras. The accessible cabin sleeps up to four adults or a family of five and comprises of 2 double beds and a single bed with storage for a hoist. Complete with an electric charging point, a wide access wet room with grab rails, adjusted sink and hob, fittings for a mobile hoist and ample space for wheelchair turns.

Shielings and Longhouses

Some Wigwam Sites also feature our wooden Shielings and Longhouses. These timber lodges are similar to our Wigwam Cabins but offer a touch more luxury for a truly carefree glamping holiday.

Our Shielings include an open-plan living room, fully equipped kitchen, spacious bedrooms, toilet/shower facilities and storage space. 

Our Longhouses are even bigger, making them the perfect choice for group glamping trips.

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