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Are these the ten scariest places in Britain?

If you’re brave enough, book your safe, comfy glamping Wigwam® Cabin and head to these haunted places …

With Hallowe’en approaching, there’s never a better time to gather round the campfire and see if you can scare yourself silly with ghostly, ghoulish tales of terror.

We’ve all got a scary story to share, and many of us will have experienced some strange goings on at some point – the hairs standing up on the back of your neck; the sudden drop in temperature; the feeling of being watched …



South Bridge Vaults, Edinburgh

One of the city’s most haunted sites, where restless spirits don’t fear to tread. Sinister stories of murder, torture and hangings; body snatchers and a real life Jekyll and Hyde!

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The North of England

Pendle Hill, Lancashire

Perhaps one of the most famous witch trials in history, this mysterious hill in deepest, darkest Lancashire is still cloaked in a strange atmosphere. In 1612, ten people from the Pendle area were executed on the moor above the ancient city of Lancaster. Their final resting place have never been found.

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Golden Fleece, York

In a city where ghostly Roman soldiers are seen walking through modern day streets, you’ll also find the Golden Fleece, close the one of York’s most famous streets, The Shambles.

Visitors have often seen former Fleece resident, Lady Alice Peckett, wandering the corridors and staircases in the dead of night. Furniture also moves position – but apparently of its own accord.

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Whitby Abbey

Currently cared for by English Heritage, this magnificent site in Whitby, North Yorkshire, is often visited by St Hilda, the founder of the abbey; she looks out over the ruins from a high window. And that’s not all. It is thought Constance de Beverley, a young nun who broke her sacred vows, was bricked up alive in the abbey’s dungeons. You can still hear her screams …

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The East

RAF Wickenby

Shadowy figures, the whistling of old songs, airmen spotted smoking cigarettes, a pilot who walks into the control room and then vanishes upstairs … not just the territory for spirits centuries old, these ghostly sightings feature from World War Two, an event still well within living memory.

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The South East

Tower of London

Is synonymous with executions, imprisonment and more. Perhaps the most famous of these tales is the Princes in the Tower. While this story is disputed, it is thought King Richard III had two of his young nephews ‘disposed of’; however, the whereabouts of their bodies remains a mystery.

Numerous sightings of two young lads dressed in white gowns, wandering aimlessly around the Tower grounds have been reported, including by schoolchildren who have no knowledge of this tragic story …

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The Midlands

St Briavels Castle, Gloucestershire

Another English Heritage property, St Briavels Castle is sometimes referred to as ‘the most haunted castle in England.’ With parts of it dating back to the Norman period, the building has an incredible history.

Ghostly encounters include a crying baby; a full suit of armour shining in the moonlight; poltergeists; a bed ‘attacked’ by an angry spirit. But perhaps the scariest of them all is the sound of marbles dropping, humming and scuttling noises along with the appearance of a dark figure that violently pushes visitors. Scary stuff!

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The South West

Bodmin Prison Ghosts, Cornwall

Numerous inmates are seen at this site but perhaps the most troubling is that of Anne Jefferies, who was left of starve to death when she failed to admit to being a witch. Her death was prolonged – it took three agonising months.

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Gwydir Castle, Llanwrst, Conwy Valley

A spirit of a young woman haunts the north wing; a mysterious woman in white appears bringing with her a terrible rotting odour (thought to be a maid servant who was murdered by owner Sir John Wynn who buried her in the chimney breast). Sir John himself seems to have paid for his crimes – his restless spirit is often seen on the spiral staircase.

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Dunluce Castle, Country Antrim

Remote, on a rocky outcrop surrounded by the sea, and ripe with stories of lost loves, Maeve Roe, daughter of Lord MacQuillan, defied her father’s wishes and eloped with Reginald O’Cahan in an open boat on a stormy sea.


Sadly, they both lost their lives as they tried to escape. Maeve seems never to have found peace - heart-rending wails and screams have been uttered by the Banshee of Dunluce Castle … maybe it’s Maeve in her final moments …

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