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Your Guide To A Romantic Glamping Getaway

Do you want to wow your new love on your first weekend away together? Or have you been holidaying together with your partner for decades and looking for something new to try?

If you fit into either of these categories or really, anywhere in between, glamping is a great option for your next romantic break.

While camping might not conjure up the most romantic images unless you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or woman, glamping is devoid of the mud, cold and puddles of water that can easily dampen the mood on a camping trip.

Read on to discover reasons why you should consider glamping for your romantic mini-break, as well as 5 of our top tips for making it memorable.

Enjoy some creature comforts

The idea of spending some quality time in nature with your other half might be romantic. You might imagine the two of you hiking through meadows full of wildflowers and cooking up a meal on the campfire while sipping a glass of wine. That does sound pretty charming, doesn’t it? But you know what doesn’t? Mosquitos. Mud. No indoor toilets. Waking up cold, or even wet when the weather takes a bad turn.

That’s where glamping comes in. There’ll be no bickering about how to pitch a tent - an experience arguably even more traumatising than trying to build IKEA furniture together - just good times together.

Wigwam® camping pods are beautifully crafted from timber and are decked out with heating, electric lighting, power sockets and, best of all, actual beds: no more sleeping on leaky air mattresses you have to bring from home! Many Wigwams also boast things like a fridge, a TV, running water for the bathroom and a private picnic area.

Basically, with glamping, you get the best of both worlds: comfy accommodation and a chance to explore nature right on its doorstep - a great setting for a bit of romance!



Try out new fun activities together

A glamping trip is a perfect opportunity to try something new with your partner. You could go hiking in the forest and try foraging for berries or spend the day discovering charming local villages you’ve never even heard of and rubbing elbows with the locals down at the pub.

Wigwam® sites come with all kinds of fun activities to choose from if you need some inspiration. Discover your new passion by browsing some of the different things you can try out here.

Glamping in the countryside means a break from your busy regular lives, even if just for the weekend. So take advantage of this opportunity together and try out something you’ve never done together - whether you’ve been together five months or five decades!


Enjoy some peace and quiet

You don’t have to worry about the people next door keeping you up until the wee hours partying. You can also sleep in without sirens or car horns outside the window, or the kids waking you up at 6 am by jumping up and down on the bed - what a concept!

You and your partner can simply enjoy some well-earned peace and quiet away from it all, and a chance to reconnect and tend to your relationship.



5 Tips for a romantic glamping trip

If you’ve got this far and we’ve managed to convince you to give glamping a try, here are our top tips for creating a romantic glamping break:


1. Pack a picnic

If the weather is nice, dining al fresco is a lovely change of pace. Prep some sides like some potatoes or a simple green salad at home and top the meal off with some lovely grub straight off the grill.

Some Wigwam® sites rent out crockery and cutlery. If you’re bringing your own, we recommend bringing regular plates, forks and knives - when you’re only packing two of each, your load won’t be too heavy and you can enjoy your romantic meal a little better without your paper plate getting soggy or your plastic fork shattering.


2. Don’t forget the bubbly!

To make your meal extra lovely, pack a bottle of bubbly and if your pod has one, pop it in the fridge once you get to your location. You can buy reusable plastic champagne flutes or pack slightly sturdier glasses from home by wrapping them in something soft like a clean towel. You get extra points if you find some raspberries or blackberries to pimp your prosecco with!


3. Look for a Wigwam with a hot tub

Many of our Wigwams come with a luxurious hot tub, and what’s better than letting your worries melt away in a warm, bubbling bath? Let the warm water ease sore muscles and refresh your mind while you and your partner talk about everything you’ve discovered on your trip so far and maybe even spying a deer or birds near the edge of the forest!

Here’s a list of Wigwam® sites with hot tubs.


4. Build a fire

Snuggle up to your partner under a shared blanket next to a fire and roast some marshmallows. Sometimes it’s the small, traditional things that really make a holiday, and we think there’s nothing more romantic than a warm fire under a starry night sky.


5. Do some stargazing

If the night sky is clear, nothing beats a bit of stargazing. Lay a blanket down and snuggle up to your partner while you take turns identifying well-known constellations - or even making up your own! If you get lucky, you might even catch the Northern Lights.

If you’re interested in booking a romantic retreat with Wigwam® holidays, browse our selection of glamping sites perfect for couples.