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How Can I See The Northern Lights In The UK?

Have you seen the Visit Scotland advert yet?

It features the amazing Aurora Borealis over the Wigwam Holidays site, Shulista Croft.  Everybody at Wigwam Holidays got very excited over the advert and it’s easy to see why.


Visit Scotland visited Shulista Croft and asked if they could film on the site.  Initially, Sally and Adam had to decline because Sally was due to give birth at the time of shooting and they would have to leave the site.  But Visit Scotland were so excited by the amazing views at Shulista Croft they persuaded Sally and Adam to hand over their keys!


We have a few glamping sites on the Isle of Skye and each has their own magnificent views.  Shulista Croft Wigwams and Whitewave Wigwams are based in the north of the Isle of Skye, Portree is based in the centre of the island and Glasnakille and Skye Forest Garden are both based towards the south of the island.


The filming took a few days and involved quite a lot of crew. On one particular night the crew had a feeling the lights were about to happen.  They saw wisps of colour in the distance and their ‘northern lights radar’ (aka intuition) became very active.  They weren’t disappointed.  The beautiful arks started to form and the amazing colours of pink, red and green started to dance above their heads. They filmed as much as they could and stayed up throughout the whole night so they could see the footage the next day.


And this is the amazing scene we’re greeted to on the final cut of the Visit Scotland advert:

northern lights


Sally said she sees the northern lights regularly and runs outside to watch them.  They can be visible any time up until March and their wigwams get booked up very quickly by people wanting to see the lights.


Sally was pretty emotional when she saw their wigwams on the television advert.  They only moved to the Isle of Skye in 2012 after leaving their home in Bath and their working croft has grown from strength to strength. We’re so pleased for their involvement in the campaign and we’re now all jealous of their amazing views of the Northern Lights.


How Can I See The Northern Lights In The UK?

The BBC Northern Lights guide gives you lots of tips on how best to see the northern lights, but here is just a quick run down.

1. Go somewhere dark! Dark Sky Parks are guaranteed places where you will have very little light pollution. These are often pretty far away from any cities, so it's not somewhere you can just drive to without a bit of planning.

2. Go North! The more north you head, the more likely you are to see to the Northern Lights. It might seem obvious, but the northern lights have been seen as far south as Yorkshire, but your chances are higher the more north you go.


If you would like to stay at Shulista Croft Wigwams then Book Online now and Sally and Adam will make you very welcome. Altenatively, you can book at any of our other Skye Wigwam® sites here.


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