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17 Camping Hacks To Make Your Next Staycation Even Better

We love camping - no, really, we do! Despite the fact that sometimes you might get wet, not get a good night’s sleep when the temperature drops or have to improvise a bit to scramble together a meal that can be cooked on a campfire, we keep escaping to the great outdoors every chance we get. 

But our years of experience with camping means that we’ve picked up a hack or two for making camping even better over the years. That’s why today, we’re sharing our seventeen favourite camping tips to elevate your next staycation, whether you’re staying in a tent or a camping pod.


Packing hacks

Whether you’re having to fit everything you’re bringing on your camping trip into a single backpack or are able to bring slightly more stuff thanks to travelling by car, these camping life hacks make packing a breeze:


1. Don’t pack pillows - simply stuff pillowcases with clothes. This will save a good deal of room in the car if there are several people coming on the trip.


2. Make toothpaste pastilles instead of packing a whole tube: simply squeeze dots of toothpaste onto parchment paper, sprinkle some baking soda on top and let harden for three days before sealing in a zip-lock bag. These are great for air travel, too!


3. Make a mini-dry shampoo: just grab a box of corn starch and pour some into a clean, empty spice jar with a cover with small holes for sprinkling - this makes for easy application. Add a bit of cocoa powder to the starch if you’ve got darker hair.


4. Worried your toiletries will spill? Unscrew the top of your shampoo, body lotion and hair conditioner bottles, add a small square of plastic wrap to cover the mouth of the bottle and re-screw the lid back on. No more spills!


5. Use a contact lens case to pack small amounts of liquid, like foundation or moisturiser. These are very compact and unlikely to make a mess.




Camping food hacks

Outstanding culinary experiences are likely not the reason you go camping or glamping, but holidays in the great outdoors doesn’t have to mean bland food. Elevate your campsite cooking game with these genius tips:


6. Freeze big bottles of water and pack them in your cooler - this will keep your food cold for longer and you’ll have plenty of fresh water to drink if you’re further away from a water source. You could do the same thing with cartons of juice or sauces for cooking.


7. Use Tic Tac containers to store small amounts of spices - their shape makes them easy to pack and they stay securely shut.


8. Pack eggs in a plastic bottle: crack and whisk them at home before using a funnel to pour them into a clean bottle. No need to pack an extra bowl or a whisk!


9. Elevate your roasted marshmallow game by dipping your grilled marshmallow into some Bailey’s or by making “s’moreos” by twisting an Oreo open and putting a marshmallow inside before roasting on the open fire.




Camping “survival” tips

A camping or glamping trip in the UK is unlikely to pose major dangers, but here are a few ways to prevent disasters, both small and large:


10. Use Doritos as kindling in a pinch - it sounds a bit mad but works very well! If you can resist the temptation to eat them for long enough, that is...


11. Use sage to repel midges: simply throw a bundle of sage on the campfire - this smells amazing to you but bugs hate it!


12. Wrap some duct tape around your water bottle - this way you’ll have some if disaster strikes without bringing a whole roll. And honestly, is there anything duct tape can’t fix? A broken marriage maybe, but that’s a story for another day!


13. Use candle wax to fix a stuck zipper - simply rub a candle against a zipper that won’t budge to lubricate it.


14. Stuff wet shoes with newspaper to dry them faster. This works like magic if left overnight.


Comfy camping hacks

A camping trip isn’t always big on comfort, which is why we’ve compiled some of our favourite tips for making your camping experience a little more fun:


15. Strap a headlight to a large translucent plastic bottle - this will fill your whole tent with ambient light. You could also use glow in the dark paint on a clear bottle to create some cool coloured effects!


16. Want to enjoy some tunes? Use a cup to amplify the sound on your phone. Pop your phone into an empty cup to boost the volume - just be mindful of your neighbours!


17. Make “bad weather bags” for the kids - this works for bored kids whatever the weather but come in especially handy on rainy days. Pack some small bags full of little toys and activities to break out to diffuse an oncoming temper tantrum - mini packets of crayons you get at restaurants and small notebooks are great, as well as compact games like tic tac toe and small containers of play dough.




BONUS TIP: Stay in a glamping pod - the key to comfy camping

Ok, so this one isn’t as much of a hack as it is just a comfier option to staying in a tent! A camping pod means you won’t have to worry about tent malfunctions or pack extra blankets to keep warm - Wigwam® cabins are well-insulated and heated for cosy camping all year long.

You’ll also often find a fridge and running water in your Wigwam® camping pod, making for much easier cooking and bathing. With our glamping sites in pretty much every corner of the UK, it’s easy to find the perfect site for you. Browse our sites and book your comfy camping trip by clicking the link below.