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Camping vs Glamping - Which One Is Right For You?


 Flexible, exciting, adventurous family fun! If the term ‘camping’ conjures up these feelings, then you need to follow your instincts and discover the right choice for you when it comes to sleeping under the stars. Choose unwisely and you will forever associate ‘soggy’, ‘cold’, ‘uncomfortable’ and grumpy kids with holidaying in the (not so great for you!) outdoors. It’s entirely up to you how much your camping break will cost and how rewarding it will be based on the choices you make. So, is it going to be camping or smart camping?

As you’ll be aware, camping these days offers a plethora of options from tents of all shapes and sizes to yurts, shepherd’s huts, tree houses, geodesic domes and wooden camping cabins of which Wigwam Holidays were the pioneers 18 years ago with their innovative vision to make camping comfier than it has ever been! Read our story here.


Why Choose Glamping?


First impressions might be that the fancier alternatives to a basic tent are merely elaborate and intended to part you with extravagant sums of money under the illusion that anything less is simply not de rigueur. This new cross-over version of camping is often marketed as ‘glamping’, or camping for ‘softies’ as hard-core canvas aficionados might deem it. But for the discerning customer, smarter camping choices pay for themselves in ways that money simply can’t buy. 

For example, imagine the relief of being able to batten down the hatches when swarms of pesky peckish midges are on the rampage! And what price can you put on the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your foray into the wilds of the countryside is weatherproofed by quality, cosy, insulated and secure accommodation which allows you to connect with your natural surroundings from a comfy base with the additional luxury of a few helpful mod cons?

Trust me, there’s really nothing romantic about stumbling half asleep to a communal toilet block in the rain with a flickering torch in the middle of the night, so it’s good to know that many of the smarter camping options come complete with en-suite bathrooms, power showers and micro kitchens all in your own space and for your own exclusive use. This example in Ross-shire is typical of the comfort on offer even in an idyllic wilderness location. Makes sense doesn’t it? You'll be enjoying the pros without the cons!



Camping at its most basic and stripped back may seem more authentic, but why kid yourself saying a twin-tub is preferable to a state-of-the-art washing machine? Also, there can be considerable costs involved in acquiring the whole kit and caboodle for first time campers. It could involve an outlay of between £900 and £2,000 for a family of 2 adults and two children starting from scratch for, say, a 14 night stay under their own canvas. Of course, it gets cheaper once you’ve invested in camping gear of your own – or you could borrow some from a friend.

But here’s the thing. The same amount of time for the same family in a stylish en-suite camping cabin depending on the time of year could cost as little £1,470 for a stay in the lap of luxury at a site like this on a beautiful working farm in the heart of the Cotswolds.  Or you could even pay just £896 for the same size family for a cabin with self-catering kitchen, dining room and toilets close by at this site in Worcestershire.

Pet pooches are also welcome at many of our sites to snuggle up with the rest of the family in comfort so there'll be no hefty kennel fees to pay nor the anxiety (and guilt!) of leaving your beloved four-legged friend out of the holiday loop.



 Sticking with a well-respected holiday brand has its advantages too because you know the accommodation will be of the high standard that goes with the name. Wigwam Holidays has over 80 superb sites, each with its own individual character and unique backdrop for your bespoke adventure.

So if you want to be totally away from it all for a major chillax and family time together around the campfire – you’ve got it. Or pick a site with easy access to activities like quad biking, mountain biking, fishing, horse riding, picturesque market towns - even the bright city lights: you can have that too as well as a tranquil location to return to after a day’s hectic exploring.


So what’s it to be?  Tent pegs and mallet or comfy camping with a sturdy insulated roof over your head and a lockable door? We reckon you already know the answer! For inspiration about where to go that will tick all the boxes for you and yours, browse our locations. Go on, you know you want to.