Each cabin has its own electric hot tub situated on decking adjacent to the cabins. We endeavour to get them up to temperature for your arrival but this is not guaranteed for your first night. Each hot tub comfortably seats four adults.   Instructions for their use are in the welcome folder, and in our Touchstay App so please read them through.

To open the lid undo the clips at the front of the tub, there are two each side, then fold the front half of the lid back over on top of the back half.  Then gently push the whole thing backwards and it slide down behind the back of the tub and sits there vertically.  Ignore the bar on the top, you dont have to do anything with that. To close it gently bring the lid back up on to the back half of the tub, then fold the front half back over and clip closed.

Each cabin has an extra light switch on its side which gives light over the hot tub steps.