Hot Tubs

How many hot tubs do you have?

We have 4 hot tubs in total. 3 of the cabins include the hot tubs in the price and 1 of the cabins can be hired with or without the hot tub. Should you wish to add the hot tub, the hot tub will be listed as an optional extra.

What type of hot tubs do you have?

Burford Air Cotswold Eco Tubs - wood fired hot tub with air bubble system and LED lights which can comfortably fit 4/5 people

Do you use chemicals in the water?

Yes, we use chlorine to help maintain the water quality during your stay, the water may still require changing if you are with us for a few days

How often is the hot tub drained, cleaned, and refilled?

Depending on the water quality, this can be as often as daily. Guests should shower before using the hot tubs to maintain good water quality. If good hygiene is maintained the hot tubs are cleaned after 2 or 3 uses (before if necessary). We drain and clean our hot tubs after each guest leave. We refill the hot tubs on the day guests are due to arrive.

How is the water heated?

The water is heated by the integrated internal boiler using fire fuelled by wood.

Do I have to pay for the wood to heat the hot tub?

No, we put more than enough wood in the bins by the hot tubs to last a few days. This wood is to burn in the hot tubs only. You do not need to keep the fire burning the whole time that you are here. We provide fire lighting products and we greet you to give instructions on how to use the hot tubs

Can children use the hot tubs?

We do allow children in the hot tubs. Adult supervision is required at all times whilst children are in or around the hot tubs. Children are not permitted to help with the fires. Do not allow children to climb/ walk on the lids.

As children are unable to regulate their body temperatures like adults, the recommended hot tub temperature for children is no more than 35 degrees Celsius and exposure to warm water should be no more than 20 minutes. There is a cold water supply available to cool the water for children to be able to use the hot tubs safely