Before confirming your booking at Wigwam® Holidays Baystone Bank Farm Campsite pleasetake the time to read the information below. It includes vital information regarding cancellation policies and the amenities and services available at the Site, which will assist youwith planning your holiday.

Payment Policy

To secure your booking payment in full is required at the time of booking; we do not acceptprovisional bookings so please do not make a booking unless you are in the position to honourit.

Cancellation/No-Show Policy

In the event of cancellations or no-shows we do not offer any (either full or partial) refund.However, if more than 48 hours notice is given we may, at our discretion, offer an alternativedate suitable to you only if we have the availability to do so.

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise you to take out the appropriate levels of travel insurance so you can have peace of mind that your costs will be covered, should you need to cancel your holiday for any reason.


Smoking or vaping is not permitted in the Wigwams or in any communal areas.


We love dogs, and want you to feel comfortable bringing your much loved family dog on holiday here. However, this farm is our home and livelihood. If you want to bring your dog with you then you need to read this policy. In booking, you are deemed to agree to all conditions. Owners with well-behaved dogs are welcome on the campsite but your best friend must be booked in and paid for prior to your visit.Dogs must be kept on a lead and under full control and not be allowed to wander around the campsite, car park, fields, lanes or any area on the farm. In booking your dog onto the site you agree to take full responsibility for your dog which must be insured for injury and public liability as a minimum whilst on our site.There is nowhere for you to exercise your dog off the lead on the farm itself. Please bear this in mind when deciding whether you should come camping with your dog. Many of the surrounding fields are managed for ground-nesting birds or being cut for haylage or grazed by livestock, therefore our farm management and the welfare of our animals demands this (see our Campsite Rules re.the spread of infectious diseases from dog poop)


Please bring ‘poo-bags’ to clean up any mess, including in the hedgerows as children  like to explore there. Poo bags can be placed in all ‘general rubbish’ bins. Please do not hang bags in the hedgerows or leave them lying around. Just UGH!!


Many children, and some adults, are afraid of dogs for whatever reason, even your friendly pets. If under control they are no threat


The farm is also home to Cumbrian Heavy Horses, the only BHSApproved Heavy Horse Riding Centre in the world, which also breeds these beautiful and rare horses. The horses are used to dogs but if your dog is off the lead and the horse is being chased (to the horse it is being attacked) they will kick out in self-defence. One well-aimed kick or stamp from a Shire, Clydesdale or Suffolk Punch horse could be fatal for your dog. Equally, our horses are our close friends, we do not want them panicked and hurt, bitten or killed. We would not hesitate to prosecute to recover losses.


You are staying on a Working Cumbrian Fell Farm Campsite. Historically, and still, now, the only ‘crop’ on small Fell Farms such as this is sheep/cattle. It is therefore of vital importance re your dog being on a lead and under full control at all times. If seen chasing sheep (which includes ours, our neighbours or ANYWHERE in the UK countryside tbh) there is a real risk of your beloved family pet being shot. To your pet it’s a game, to the sheep he’s a wolf and the sheep will stress and panic, potentially die, get trapped, drown, abort, become separated from her lamb (which will then die) or get mauled to death. Our sheep are not toys they are live animals, ‘worrying sheep’ is a crime, and is NOT OK.


We suggest you head to the beach, we are a ten minute drive from miles of Cumbrian beaches. Beautiful! Your dog can run like the wind once away from the immediate environs of the car park at local beaches such as Silecroft, Haverigg or Eskmeals. Enjoy!

Group Bookings

We have, sadly, had poor experiences with some, not all, of the groups here. Although we want to share this beautiful place with you, we want everyone here to have that same opportunity and cannot have a few folk ruin the stay of others. It is quite simply not fair. Please speak to the management prior to booking as a group. If you book individually but do not tell us you are a group ie you fail to mention this when you book, we will notice you congregating and you will be asked to leave (before you all start to consume vast amounts and get rowdy) so it is in everyone’s best interest to discuss your booking first.Please, groups, just talk to us! We are not ‘killjoys’ but have everyone's best interests at heart.

Arrival/Departure Procedures

Check in times are between 3-7pm, why not arrive early and get a feel for the local area?If you are running behind schedule, make sure to call ahead and let us know. We do not allow vehicles onto the main site after 10pm so campers can sleep. Check-out is by 11am.

Complaints Procedure

We take all comments from guests seriously and in the unlikely event that you wish to make a complaint, speak to a warden onsite first if you can, alternatively, you can contact us by telephone or email and we will respond. We will try to resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Code of Conduct

We expect all our Visitors to respect and look after the Site and the Wigwam® you are staying in. We also require you to respect your fellow Visitors and keep noise levels to a minimum after 9pm, with silence overnight between the hours of 11pm and 7am. Parents are responsible for their children, as such children must be supervised at all times. We require you to follow our hot tubs rules as part of our code of conduct, these are in your pods on arrival.If you have any other queries regarding your stay please contact Wigwam® Holidays BaystoneBank Farm Campsite directly on 07456642155 or email