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How To Add A Bit Of Luxury To Your Next Camping Trip

Our everyday lives are pretty different now than they were just a couple of hundred years ago. In general, we don’t come in touch with nature all that often anymore even though we know it’s good for us.

 This is probably why camping and glamping have become so popular in recent years: it offers us a chance to unwind and enjoy a slower pace of life in an environment much more natural to us: the great outdoors!

However, going camping doesn’t have to mean being uncomfortable, cold or wet, or that you have to eat bland food. That’s why today, we’re sharing some of our insider info on how to add some luxury to your next camping trip. That way you can focus on what really matters: reconnecting with nature and loved-ones alike! We’ll also go over some of the comfy features you can find at different Wigwam® sites across the country.

5 tips to add a touch of luxury to your camping trip

If you’re going for traditional camping, there are still many ways you can emulate a glamping experience on your trip. Here are some of our favourite ways to do just that:

1. Choose a glam tent

The bigger your tent, the comfier the experience. While we’d all like to think we’ll be blessed with sunny skies on our trip, the UK weather can be pretty unpredictable. On rainy days, you’ll appreciate a little space to stretch out. Go for something that is super simple to pitch up for added ease. We recommend Vango’s Taiga 500XL Airbeam and the Coleman Coastline Deluxe.

2. Comfy sleeping

Sleeping on one of those half-inch thick camping mats is hardly luxurious. For a bit more comfort with a reasonable price tag, an air mattress is your best bet. Foldable camp beds are also an option.

3. Cook like a chef

A good quality, large cooler is the secret to great campsite cooking! Packing a couple of small spice jars can also help elevate any meal. Chilli powder, garlic granules, salt and pepper are great basics to start with. You can add a little old-school charm with enamel mugs and plates to enjoy your meals on.

4. Add a touch of cosiness

For a snugglier experience, pack some foldable chairs with cup holders, cushions and big tartan blankets to take your campfire experience to the next level. Don’t forget comfy clothing, either!

5. Little luxe extras

Think bluetooth speaker, a hammock, scented candles, battery-operated fairy lights and different games to keep campers of all ages entertained. An inflatable armchair or sofa means you’ll have a cosy spot to catch up on reading.



You might be reading the list above and thinking to yourself “Wow, that sounds like a lot of packing!” And unfortunately, there’s some truth to this. The more creature comforts you want to add to your camping trip the more you’ll have to lug around with you.

For a lighter packing load, read on to discover how Wigwam® Holidays helps take the stress out of your holiday packing by providing little luxuries onsite across our 50+ locations across the UK. Our motto is “camping made comfortable” because we want to take the hassle out of spending quality time in nature.


Wigwam® luxury camping pods

While here in the UK, we wouldn’t normally consider things like running water and heating to be luxuries, things are a little different on camping trips. That’s why we created Wigwam® Holidays - to make the great outdoors accessible to everyone, including those who would struggle to go without these everyday comforts on a traditional camping trip.

All Wigwam® cabins are insulated with double-glazed windows and have heating and electricity installed for a more comfortable camping experience. Many sites equip cabins with things like fridges and TVs too, and you can choose a site that offers the Wigwam® Running Water or Wigwam® Running Water Deluxe cabins which are ensuite camping pods with a small kitchen.




Many Wigwam® sites also offer other little luxuries as well, such as hot tubs, swimming pools and onsite entertainment. To find out more, browse our locations nationwide.