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A Glampers Guide to Camping When Pregnant

To pee or not to pee

Camping is such a great way of enjoying a holiday with the kids, exploring the countryside and being at one with nature.

Whilst being an avid fan of camping there are certain times in my life when I've had to upgrade and ask for more luxury.  And one of those times was when I was pregnant.

You see, being pregnant is a wonderful experience but it isn't all plain sailing.

In the 1st trimester

There's the morning sickness, the need to pee every 5 minutes, your ability to consume the entire contents of the fridge in one single session, and your insatiable thirst.  And at this point you hardly have a bump to deal with.

In the 2nd trimester

Things relax a little more and hopefully your morning sickness and frequent need to visit the loo have disappeared (for now!).  But you are still permanently hungry, so thirsty your mouth feels like Ghandi's flip flops and now your bump is getting bigger.

In the 3rd trimester

You are now so big you wonder if you'll ever see your feet again, turning over in the night takes more effort than moving a mountain, and the need to pee 'all the time' is back.

Glamping while pregnant and relaxing pregnant woman

So camping while pregnant generally means doing the midnight dash to the loos quite a lot, waking up with a bad back as your body adjusts to your bump and carrying gallons of bottled water everywhere.  And if anyone wants a snack they can forget it, because you've eaten everything.

But there is a solution so that you don't have to give up this type of holiday completely. GLAMPING!

Glamping is a great alternative to camping but with more luxury.  If you stay in one of our Running Water Wigwams┬« you can drink as much water as you'd like because it's simply on tap, roll out of bed into your private ensuite bathroom and lie on your luxurious memory foam mattress for a fantastic nights sleep.  Plus, they come equipped with a fridge to fill with all the food you'll eat!

And you can combine it with some amazing shopping trips to stock up on your Mummy and Baby essentials by staying at sites close to a shopper's paradise.

Edinburgh - Hilly Cow Wigwams are only 10 miles from Edinburgh City Centre and you'll be sure to find everything you need to fill yours and your new baby's wardrobes, check out Treehouse, a great little shop with some gorgeous clothes.  Plus, after walking all over the city you can relax in one of their many cafes and restaurants.  Who knows, you may also feel inspired to put pen to paper and create the next Harry Potter at the world famous Elephant House!

London - Hill Farm & Orchard Wigwams.  One of our closest sites to London there is no way you'll forget anything when visiting England's capital.  From some gorgeous hidden gems to the mainstream shopping centres you're sure to tick off everything on your shopping list.  And you can always visit the amazing M&M shop (one of my favourites!) and get personalised M&Ms, or even a gorgeous babygrow.

M&M Beatles on Abbey Road

Image by Chris Sampson. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lodekka/


Bristol - Bristol View Wigwams. This is definitely a hidden gem for shopping.  The Wigwams are perched on the hillside over looking the city and are only 20 minutes to Bristol.  Make the most of the independent boutiques in Clifton Village or head to their vast array of markets to grab all that you need.

Happy Shopping and Happy Glamping!!


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Featured Image - by Eduard Pulks. https://www.flickr.com/photos/64626372@N08/