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2023 Glamping Site Events & News

Spring has sprung! And with it comes a million more ways to enjoy the outdoors. Our sites have been busily preparing their cabins for the new year and they’ve all got new things in the works. Take in all of the changing season’s splendour with a fairy walk, a sauna session, or even a corn maze this year. 

Of course, anywhere where you can take in the extra hours of sunshine, the fresh sprouting flowers, and the sounds of wildlife will be lovely, but why not check out some more ways to get outdoors? We’ve asked around, and our sites have given us a few highlights of their upcoming attractions. Here are some of our favourites:

Millside Goats

Wigwam Holidays Millside, Lincolnshire

Ever been on a goat walk? Here’s your chance! Millside is providing a lovely goat walking experience from Easter onwards. Take the kids on a walk they’ll never forget with some very funny hooved friends. 

A maize maze will be running from August to October, so you’ll have ample opportunity to test your path-finding skills. A time-honored tradition, getting lost in big stalks of corn can be both delightful and puzzling. 

And later on in the year, visit the pumpkin patch! Gather some pumpkins while on your glamping holiday and carve some spooky lanterns to bring home with you. 

Crowtree Tulips

Wigwam Holidays Crowtree, Lincolnshire

The tulips are back! After a ten-year hiatus, the Spalding Tulip Parade has returned. An event no flower-lover would want to miss, the parade will take place on the 12th of May in the Spalding Town Centre. 

Take a scenic half-hour cycle into town from your Wigwam, or just a short 15-minute car journey. Play some games, enjoy the Craft Fair, and wait for the highly-anticipated parade to come through. Then, journey back to your glamping home-away-from-home and enjoy the wildlife around you. 

Ball Hall Farm Site Events

Wigwam Holidays Ball Hall Farm, Yorkshire

Ball Hall Farm has seen an explosion of spring arrive at their site! Hundreds of daffodils are arriving, and they’re surely a sight to behold. Take some beautiful photographs and watch the buzzy bees bumble from flower to flower. 

Animal wildlife is taking off as well. The frogs will be hatching into tadpoles, and the geese will be returning to their nests to hatch some darling goslings. All this will be available for guests to find on their Spring Hunt through the woods come Easter-time. 

On the more practical side of things: Wi-Fi has been installed in all cabins, along with new Smart TV’s. So if the weather is a bit rainier than anticipated, there’s still a cosy Wigwam to watch a film in. 

Wigwam Lodge at Hafren

Wigwam Holidays Hafren, Wales

A new Wigwam Lodge—our whole-family sized cabin—has been installed on our Hafren site. With accessible entrances, the Lodge could be a great way to get everyone involved in the holiday fun.

Chester and Olive, the famous sausage dogs, will be coming to stay at Hafren in July, so get your cameras ready to see these cuties run about in the summer air.

Have a picnic in the new communal area being completed this year, and prepare yourself for a day filled with adventure and nature on the guided walks within the area.

One weekend every month, Hafren hosts a star-gazing session which is surely not to be missed. For the astronomers amongst us, or just the casual admirers of starry skies, the event should provide a tranquil and peace-filled atmosphere. 

Forcett Grange Site Events

Wigwam Holidays Forcett Grange, Yorkshire

Our Forcett Grange site has been busy beautifying and constructing. A brand-new reception building will be there to greet any visitors arriving this spring, along with a new recreational field accessed through a woodland path. Make sure to grab your equipment and start up a game of Rounders under the sun.

For the more leisurely of us, Forcett Grange has also built a Kirami Wood-fired Sauna, which should be ready for guest use this spring. Enjoy the relaxation and health-benefits of a good sweat, and retreat to your campfire and Wigwam afterward. 

The Loft Site Event 2023

Wigwam Holidays The Loft, Morayshire

There’s lots to do at The Loft this time of year! On tops of lots of upgrades and expansions to farmhouses, cabins, and barns, The Loft has built a new BBQ hut! Stop by and grab some delicious eats off the barbeque, and enjoy them in their new garden area. 

Plenty of weddings will be happening this year, so maybe you’ve already been invited to the site by a happy couple. But, if you’re not enjoying any matrimonial festivities, there’s still plenty of things to be busy with. 

There’s an updated Fairy Trail, providing a magical experience wandering through the woods and looking for the fair folk, with the assistance of a new trail map to all of the mystical creatures. A bird-watching guide has been crafted in collaboration with the RSPB, an Easter trail will be available, and (my personal favorite) goat feeding will be happening at 10 AM everyday for guests!

Surely, The Loft will have an activity to satiate all your holiday desires.

It doesn’t stop here

This isn’t everything! Though this may seem like an extensive amount of merriment and outdoor fun, there’s even more to be had at our other sites across the UK. Be sure to check out all of our sites on the Wigwam Holidays website and socials for even more upcoming attractions.

We’ll see you at the goat walk! 🐐