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Wigwam® Holidays Health & Safety Guarantee

Your Health Matters

Wigwam Health & Safety Guarantee

In a time like no other we know that your health is a top priority. This is why we have introduced the Wigwam® Holidays Health & Safety Guarantee to give you the peace of mind you deserve while on holiday with friends and family.

We have produced a health and safety guarantee that most of your sites are taking part in. This means that if you stay at a Wigwam® Holidays location that has the health and safety guarantee logo on their site listing, you can have peace of mind that this site will be adhering to strict safety regulations.

The Guarantee

  • Contactless arrival and departure
  • 6 metres between each cabin (door to door)
  • Physical distancing reminders around site
  • Hand gel points around site
  • Cabin deep clean between every visit
    • Dartex waterproof mattress covers are disinfected between visits
    • Indoor and outdoor area cleaned and disinfected

Upon arriving at your Wigwam® Cabin, you will find inside the cabin a document used network wide that will tell you when the cabin was cleaned, by whom and to what standard it was cleaned to. This document is yours to keep as part of the guarantee.

Here at Wigwam® Holidays we are doing our best to ensure you can enjoy your holiday as you should do, without fear and worry and full of fun, laughter and relaxation. If you wish to contact us and get even more information about the guarantee, you can do so by emailing us hello@wigwamholidays.com and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.