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What is Glamping? This is why you should try it!

A few years back glamping meant you’d brought some fairy lights and bunting to put up around your tent.

You’ve all seen them, tents with huge wind breakers, territories marked out by miles of Cath Kidston bunting set at a height low enough to garrote someone if you dare to enter into their space, and enough fairy lights to illuminate any dark sky spaces so you’ve no chance of seeing the milky way.

I kid you not, I’ve even seen a family turn up to camp with a full size couch and a family sized fridge!

As this family relieved their car from the extraneous weight of camping gear, we wondered why they bothered. If they wanted their home comforts so much, why didn’t they just stay at home or why didn’t they just choose alternative accommodation?

You see, there are times when camping is wonderful. Our head office is full of people who go camping. We love being outside, being at one with nature and completely resetting our body clocks.

But, there are also times when we will accept nothing less than a comfy bed, warmth, cooking facilities and ensuite facilities.


Glamping means glamorous camping.

Trust me, there is nothing glamorous about bunting and fairy lights if you still have to rush to the loo in your nightie in the middle of the night.

If I’m glamorously camping I want to be able to straighten my hair without tripping the electrics for the whole site.

I want to keep my nightie completely hidden from the outside world.

I want to put my make up on in the privacy of my own, well lit bathroom. Not sharing a tiny amount of bathroom work top with 10 other women while all fighting to get the quickest of glimpses in the only 3 mirrors on the whole camp site.

So forget your bunting and fairy lights. Glamping is really about a very comfy mattress, your own private bathroom, feeling completely warm and cosy and even your own private hot-tubs!!


So, What is Glamping?

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