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The Best Easter Activities with WigwamⓇ Holidays

At last! The first signs of Spring are peeping into life. Most of us will be glad to say a cheery farewell to the long, dark days of Winter, and give a joyous welcome to the new, brighter season. Spring is all about new life, new energy and new adventures. Thoughts turn to spending time in the great outdoors.  The best part about Springtime is Easter - because that means it’s time to take a well earned break! There is no better time to pack your family in to the car and head off for adventures.


Start planning your spring holiday today and try out some of our awesome Easter activity ideas. Packed with great ideas for day trips and do-it-yourself Easter games, there is enough here to keep every member of your family happy this Easter. Yes - even you, Grandpa!

It might be a cliche but there’s something about the new season that puts a real bounce in our step. Lighter mornings and evenings and longer days are a sure sign that we can shrug off the last days of winter. All around us colour pops into the darkest corners and the skeletal trees of winter start to show off their lush green leaves and bright puffs of blossom. Birds chirp their happy tunes and the sight of baby animals in the fields is enough to make the toughest heart leap with joy. Spring is here at last!

Ideas for the Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays can’t come fast enough for most of us as it’s the first real chance to kick back and relax after a hectic start to the year. Let’s face it - the Christmas holidays are wonderful, but they are usually a frenzy of socialising and excitement and anything but chilled!

The Easter break is a time for friends and family. It gives us a chance to set a quieter pace for special time together. Of course, holidays and time off with the family can mean lots of outdoor activities to keep the younger ones, and the energetic ones happy. Don’t forget to find some time to sit back and relax in amongst the activities and fun to really make the most of your time off.

Even if the traditional school holiday times don’t dictate when you go on holiday, chances are you’ll be itching to get back out into the world and enjoy an Easter break. There’s nothing better than a having a few days away, taking advantage of the spring themed events and activities on offer around the UK.

Easter Holiday Activities

The types of activities you take part in over the Easter holidays will depend on your location - and in some cases your accommodation. If you choose a city break, the choices are going to be very different to what’s available in the rural countryside. Do your research before you go! To really make the most of your Easter break, the trick is to find the perfect base for your holiday so you can dip in and out of city attractions, beach fun and a quieter life in the country (and everything in between).

No matter where you end up this Easter, chances are you’ll be able to take part in some or all of these brilliant activities. And if you would rather create your own Easter fun this year, we’ve come up with a few great ideas you can set up from your own glamping pod.  

Easter Egg Hunts

Organised Easter egg hunts take place around the whole of the UK and they can pop up in the most unexpected places. Stately homes, museums, botanical gardens around the country put on fantastic events for the whole family. For a more traditional egg hunt, there’s always lots of fun to be had at the National Trust and the National Trust for Scotland.

Music and Story Events

The traditions around Easter are rich in storytelling and music and there’s always lots of both popping up in the towns and cities over the Easter holidays. As you would expect, visitor attractions such as animal parks, museums and libraries will all play host to special Easter and Spring themed events so check local listings to see what’s on.

While not strictly Easter themed (okay, not at all!), Record Store Day takes place across the UK on 13 April. Independent music shops throughout the country put on special events which often lead to pop up mini-festivals and performances in the street. There are always great deals on records and rare finds. It’s a great way to discover new music and have some fun (especially if the weather isn’t great). Check the website to see what’s happening near you - this might be the chance you’ve been waiting for to get your teenager into your folk rock (good luck with that!)  

Stately Home Spring Events

We love spending time wandering through the grounds and hallways of grand homes and castles at the best of times. Immersing yourself in history and learning interesting facts about days gone by can make you feel like a time traveller. The more savvy estates take care to curate an annual schedule of events so there’s always something fun to take part in. This means that Springtime and Easter are usually jam packed with interesting events, talks, exhibitions and activities.

Botanical gardens and nature reserves

There’s a special place in our heart for spaces that help us connect with nature and wildlife. There’s nothing better than packing an Easter picnic and heading out to a nearby nature reserve - or a local botanical garden.  As well as the flora and fauna, they usually supply wildlife and adventure activity packs or treasure hunts to enjoy. Pond dipping sessions and arts and crafts such as flower pressing and dreamcatcher making are usually available to book into. They are often free (or very low cost) to visit and are so beautiful they hardly need special events or themed activities to enjoy them. And don’t forget to have a poke around the gift shop for souvenirs of your trip!

Farms and animal parks

Spending time on a farm or animal park is one of the great joys of spring time. Lambing events in the UK are incredibly popular and having the chance to feed a newborn lamb, calf or kid (or something even more exotic at an animal park) is the highlight of many Easter holidays. Events that let you get up close and personal to baby animals are usually ticketed, so make sure you book ahead to avoid tears of disappointment.

DIY Easter Activities

It’s highly possible you don’t want to head out to a busy tourist attraction to have Easter fun. The great thing about Easter is spending time with the people you love, which doesn’t need to involve spending lots of money. These ideas can be set up at home, at your local park - or in your own glamping pod at the campsite.

  • Set up your own Easter egg hunt - combine chocolate hunting with nature spotting and see who can finish their hunt first.

  • Get the big kids, the little kids (and the grownup kids) together for some proper silly fun with this Easter egg racing game.  

  • Rainy days don’t have to be boring. Roll up your sleeves and get cooking with kids. Even if you have limited cooking facilities on holiday, there are still great ways to entertain them without too much mess. Decorate Easter biscuits in beautiful Spring patterns and designs and share them with the whole family.


If you love being out in nature, chances are you’re already thinking about camping. The UK temperatures at this time of year can be misleading - even if it feels warm throughout the day, the temperature drops dramatically at night which can cause an uncomfortable nights sleep. Seasoned camper, or novice - nobody wants a cold, uncomfortable sleep!

Many people book a glamping holiday at Easter. It’s the perfect choice for getting out into the great outdoors, and still having the luxury of home comforts (even on the chilliest of days).

Glamping sites are the ideal base to enjoy a range of activities and adventures. Booking in to a beautiful glamping site (often on working farms) means you spend the morning at the beach, the afternoon in a nearby town or city, enjoy a delicious meal in a local inn at tea time, and the evening telling stories and toasting marshmallows around your own campfire.

With over 80 locations around the UK, you’ll find your best ever holiday with WigwamⓇ Holidays.

When are the Easter Holidays?

Easter Sunday changes each year and the school holidays change to reflect the different dates. Your local authority area has its own specific dates and length of time off and it’s very easy to access the correct information on your area. Double check with your local council for dates of your Easter holidays before you make your plans. Here is a basic guide to dates for this year:

Easter dates for 2019

Easter Sunday - 21 April

Easter Holidays England - start from Friday 5 April

Easter Holidays Scotland - start from Friday 29 March

Easter Holidays Wales - start from Friday 29 March

Easter Holidays Northern Ireland - start from Friday 18 April