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The Benefits of Playing Outdoors for Children

“In almost every house we've been,
We've watched them gaping at the screen.
They loll and slop and lounge about,
And stare until their eyes pop out.” - Roald Dahl, Television


Do you struggle to prize your child away from the screen?




We get it. Kids are hard work. It makes sense to stream an episode of Peppa Pig for 10 minutes while you try and make a start on the thousands of chores you have outstanding, right? Do we even have time to think about the effects of this digital pacifier?

We are using and relying on technology more than we ever dreamed we would, but it's important to remember that children’s brains are still developing and can be easily moulded by technology consumption. 

You are the gatekeeper of your child’s mental diet. Spending their developing years outdoors can help children grow in confidence and awareness.


Reigniting Childhood 1

“If you really want a child to thrive and blossom, lose the screens for the first few years of their lives. During those key developmental periods, let them engage in creative play… Let them explore their surroundings and allow them opportunities to experience nature.” - Nicholas Kardaras, Glow Kids

We want to prevent the next generation from reaching for their digital pacifier whenever they feel uncomfortable or lonely or uncertain or afraid. We aim to encourage parents and children to get outdoors, interact with the world around them and sometimes, choose the hard route, on purpose.

Wigwam® Holidays’ CEO, Charles Gulland, recalls his childhood with great fondness. His memories include endless summer days spent fishing for trout, cycling to sand dunes, and swimming at waterfalls. He believes that every child should be entitled to these simple freedoms that can be absolutely enjoyed.


Reigniting Childhood 2

“We learn to love nature as children, and our commitment to nature later in life – respecting it, protecting it, restoring it, or simply enjoying it – is built on that childhood foundation. That’s why it’s so important we give all children the chance to experience the natural world.” - Natural England

Wigwam® Holidays are dedicated to not only enjoying the incredible land accessible across the UK, but to protecting it and further understanding it. Intellectual curiosity starts at a very young age and can be deepened through active learning outside.

It's simple really. The more time children spend outdoors, the more they will understand nature and what it requires in order to flourish.

We invite you to come and enjoy a great holiday in the great outdoors. It might be a little different to your usual holiday. It will most likely be full of adventure, full of stories and enrich your child’s life in more ways than you can imagine.