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Our Glamping Pods & Lodges

Wigwam has been one the leading innovators and manufacturers of glamping pods in the UK for over thirty years. What started as a revolutionary, off-the-wall concept for “hard tents” back in the nineties has grown into a nationwide phenomenon. 

Our cabins began with a simple concept: a roof over your head and a soft mattress to sleep on. Our aim was to make sure there were affordable and fun holiday locations dotted around the country for anyone to enjoy. From there, we’ve tirelessly innovated upon that original idea to create the best outdoor experience we can. We’ve grown our cabin range to accommodate any needs you or your family may have when it comes to getting into nature. We’ve added stovetops, en-suites, outlets, and more… And we’re still full of ideas.

Our Wigwams now come in two categories: Pods and Lodges. In the spirit of our original creations, the Pod range is no-fuss. It has everything you need to be comfortable and still enjoy a rustic outdoor retreat. The Lodge range is much more extensive in its creature comforts, and would function more in the capacity of a small cottage. 

Whatever type of holiday you’re looking for, there is sure to be a Wigwam cabin that meets your needs. We want you to always be able to find a reliable and cosy place to getaway no matter where you are in the country, or how many people you have. 

All of our buildings are made from the same home-grown wood we’ve come to be known for and are lovingly finished in Perthshire. We’ve been perfecting these buildings for thirty years, so we can be sure of their quality and comfort. Wigwams are simple, beautiful, and durable. They offer the perfect space to fell at home, outdoors. 

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Our Glamping Pod Range

All of our pods come with very thickly insulated walls and double-glazing for four seasons of comfort. There are kitchens of varying sizes throughout the range, but all of them are sure to allow for enough space to rest up and enjoy your holiday. The important additions of wall sockets and USB chargers ensure a stress-free stay. As is standard, our pods are made from our signature Larch wood and are designed by our team in Perthshire. Over the years, we’ve added lots of fun different sizes to our range to make sure everyone can have the stay they’ve dreamed of.

Wigwam Classic Simple


Our very first design, the Original pod, is simple, snug, and cosy. With a minimal design, the Original has enough room for three adults to sleep and enjoy the kitchenette. It’s one of our most popular cabins for guests as the minimalist design ensures a lot of the fun is kept in the great outdoors and the small size keeps prices economical. 

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Wigwam Pod Range

Classic I

Newly designed, the Classic I is the perfect pod for a couple looking for a relaxing outdoor getaway. The wall of windows surrounding the door provide for stunning vistas across nature and wildlife areas, and the en-suite with shower room makes sure the space is private. Our mini-kitchen is convenient enough to make some great meals without too many frills. The charming minimalism of the space means that it will be a great base for larger outdoor adventures. This cabin is the perfect place to lay your head after a day of adventuring.

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Wigwam Classic 2

Classic II

The Classic II is our original en-suite cabin and allows enough room for four. The cabin features a tucked-away queen-size bed nook and a sofa that converts into a pull out bed. When we made this pod, it felt like a game-changer in the glamping experience. There was no reason to hold back on convenience anymore, and the en-suites created additional privacy for those that wanted it. There’s enough space here for groups of four or whole families to stay. 

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Interior Wigwam Grand/Lodge


The Grand is the newest, largest, and the most luxurious of our glamping pods. There’s room for five adults to sleep comfortably, or for a family to make the most of all the space. With the massive double doors, the space is flooded with natural light. The kitchen is absolutely the most kitted out of the pod range, and the addition of an oven creates the opportunity for more complicated or larger family meals. The sofas are arranged opposite each other, making a long evening of chatting all the more pleasant. 

A slightly different lay-out means that the main bed is in its own private room, the living space has two couches instead of one, and the full kitchen has room for a dining table for six. 

The Wigwam Grand also comes in an accessible version, available at fifteen of our sites, so everyone is able to enjoy an outdoor holiday. 

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Our Eco Lodge Range

The Eco Lodges are a separate range from our glamping pods and have a very different feel. Though just as natural and outdoor-focused, you won’t miss any of the comforts of home in these cabins. The Lodges are made to be far more spacious and they feel a lot more like a self-catering cottage than a cabin. Even with all that extra space, we never cut any corners on our quality or material. The Lodges ensure the same standard of construction as our pods—four-season insulation and homegrown timber—just on a much grander scale. The Lodges would be great for a large family or a group looking for completely separate bedrooms and a large living space for films, dining, or a game of cards.

Wigwam Lodge Range

Single Unit

The single unit has a single-pitch roof and ample indoor space. There is a full size wrap-around kitchen with plenty of space to cook, and windows for a peeking at the sprawling landscapes. The bathroom is fully kitted out with a massive walk-in shower. The living and sleeping quarters are large enough to spread out, but without any wasted space. With massive glass french doors, you can wake up to the call of the wild right in front of you as you gaze out at the views. This would be the perfect place for a couple looking to getaway and enjoy some relaxation time in a beautiful location.

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Wigwam Twin Unit Lodge

Twin Unit

Allowing for plenty of options for customization, the Twin Unit can do it all. Every inch of space is maximised for ultimate comfort and luxury. With options for two or three bedrooms, the entire family can stay under one roof. The kitchen is large enough to prepare a whole roast dinner, and the living room is big enough for a great movie night. The lodges are also ideal for multiple couples going away together as the rooms are completely private. The addition of a wood-burner in here will make these cabins the ultimate in cosiness.

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