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Up Your Glamping Game with a Luxury Hot Tub Experience

A holiday goes to a whole new level when you add in a hot tub. They’re the ultimate in relaxation and fun. You can all get your bathing costumes on and go sit in some bubbles under beautiful starry skies. 

Being in the same spot together makes it a good way to foster chatting in any group, so it’s like a little conversation pit! A couple can reflect on their day together and share some romance, or a group of friends can all have some laughs and drinks. Soaking in a hot tub just caps off a day perfectly. 

Hot Tub and Cabin

The Pinnacle of Comfort in Nature

Hot tub glamping feels deluxe. The whole experience is very lavish and relaxing, and it has the advantage of being like your own private spa. Our hot tubs are all heated by natural, wood-burning stoves, so they make the whole thing feel even more rustic and opulent. 

A majority of our sites also situate the tubs right next to your cabin, so they feel extra intimate and calming. If you’re more Instagram-minded, they also offer an opportunity for some great one-of-a-kind photos. 

Hot Tub Group

Indulgent Doesn't Have to Mean Expensive

It seems glamorous, but a place with a hot tub doesn’t have to be expensive. Staying at a glamping Wigwam site with a tub is a much cheaper alternative to spendy self-catering cottages with the same add-on. 

A hot tub with a view over the beautiful countryside won’t be hard to find with Wigwam sites dotted all over the country, and different locations will have cheaper fares. You can always split the cabin, too. Use the pull-out couches in our larger pods to bring some buddies along and make a big fun weekend out of it. Hot tubs are way more fun with some friends anyway!

Hot Tub Cosy Night

Making It A Romantic Getaway For Two

The most obvious positive aspect of a hot tub, though, is of course how romantic they can be. Get a couple glasses of wine, have a cheese platter, and spend some quality time with your significant other. 

Keep an eye out for some of our sites that offer romantic packages that include a bottle of champagne and some deluxe extras. Something about the warm water and the bubbles can really set the mood for a memorable experience. Staying at a glamping site also means that you’ll be perfectly secluded for some time together on a honeymoon or a break from the kids. 

Hot Tub Couple

Luxury and Relaxation Await

Hot tubs are the ultimate form of tranquillity. They blend nature with the splendid feeling of outdoor comfort. With Wigwam sites spread across the entire UK, you’re never far from the chance to have a luxury hot tub glamping getaway. 

No matter your budget, there’s a nice dip in the water under the stars waiting for you. Make it a romantic couple’s getaway or bring the whole crew; you’re sure to have a great time. After spending some time chilling out or hiking to the top of a mountain, a good hot soak just feels right.