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Last Minute Valentine's Glamping Breaks

If you’re anything like the writer of this email, you’ll have been thinking that you should organise something for Valentine’s day for some time now.

Perhaps the first thought came as early as the new year, ‘I should book a nice weekend away somewhere’. Maybe you went so far as to specify locations; somewhere near the sea. The sea’s nice. You may have thought the rugged coastline of North Wales could be a suitably dramatic, mysterious and - you dare to think - even romantic destination. 

If however, you are like the writer of this email, each mention of Valentine's day will now be triggering a physical response similar to the one that comes from seeing a display of birthday cards in the house of a close friend. 

All is not lost! You still have 11 days to plan something beautiful for the one you love. What could be more beautiful than a cosy adventure to one of our stunning locations? 


montrave estate hot tub glamping

Valentines Day in Scotland

Scotland is famous for its brooding landscapes, gothic architecture and wild geography. It’s also the birthplace of Robert Burns, the poet who wrote ‘A Red Red Rose’. This of course makes it an excellent location for a Valentine's getaway.

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Brampton Romantic Getaway

Valentines Day in England

England has a great deal of beautiful countryside. It’s also the birthplace of William Shakespeare, the man who wrote ‘Romeo and Juliet’. His lovers of course were ‘starcrossed’ and it all ended rather tragically..

Even so, there are a great deal of wonderful places in England for an excellent glamping holiday. 

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aberystwyth winter getaway

Valentines Day in Wales

Wales celebrates its own patron saint of lovers, Saint Dwynwen, on the 25th of January. For any Welsh readers who may have missed the boat for Saint Dwynwen’s - perhaps a trip on Saint Valentine's day could make up for it? 

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Forcett Grange Romantic Getaway

Valentines in Northern Ireland

Unfortunately, we don’t have any interesting Valentine's facts on Northern Ireland. It is however a beautiful country. Beautiful countries are excellent destinations for Valentine's escapes with your beautiful partner.

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More UK Valentine's Day Glamping Breaks

There are so many places to take your special someone this Valentine's Day and you can browse all 80+ glamping locations on the Wigwam Holidays website.