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How to make your own S'mores on a campfire

We’re looking across the pond for our inspiration for this outdoor cooking recipe; or recipes, in fact. S’mores are a classic American campfire dessert, and a favourite for generations of kids (and adults). The name originates from ‘some more!’, which is what you’re likely to say after you have the first one! They appeared in cookbooks as early as the 1920s, and thanks to their simplicity, not to mention the sweet ingredients, they’ve long been associated with boy scouts and girl guides — kids are hardly going to turn down the opportunity to get covered in chocolate and marshmallow, are they? But there is more to the humble S’more than that.

The combination of sweet, gooey cooked marshmallow and creamy chocolate, sandwiched between crispy crackers is always going to be a hit for hungry tummies. The classic s’more uses graham crackers, marshmallow and chocolate, but in reality it’s more of a culinary concept than a strict set of instructions, so there’s plenty of room for creativity and the inclusion of your favourite ingredients. You need a firm base to build your s’more on and to top it with; instead of graham crackers you can use cookies, crispbread or even oatcakes if you want to add a Scottish twist. If you really want to make a hard-hitting dessert, our favourite is to use Dutch stroopwafels as a soft and chewy base… To go in the middle, something gooey that will melt makes for the most indulgent s’mores (hello chocolate and marshmallow), but a combination of sweet and savoury might be your favourite if you don’t have such a sweet tooth. Savoury s’mores might not be traditional, but shouldn’t be overlooked. If you ever needed an excuse to melt and eat an entire camembert then here it is. The savoury options are equally endless: pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, cooked meats and 

When making s’mores, the aim of the game is for fun and flavour rather than a neat end result or sticking to a recipe. Use whatever you have available, or whatever you feel like experimenting with! It’s a great way to get people chatting around the fire, whether kids or adults, although you might find that you have to employ the marshmallow police to make sure the supplies survive long enough to make the end product...

Make your own Cookies S’mores

This is pretty close to the ‘classic’ version, but uses cookies instead of graham crackers. Use your preferred type of crunchy, flat cookie (we used peanut cookies). Roast your marshmallow over the fire on a skewer or fork, and when it’s starting to dribble off the fork spread it over the first cookie. Place a piece of chocolate on top, and then top the sandwich with the second cookie. Sweet, melty, gooey heaven!



Savoury S'mores Recipe

This is a savoury version with a Scottish twist, cooked on a griddle or grill. Take two oatcakes (the thicker the better), and layer up some cooked bacon and soft cheese like camembert or brie. Top it with the second oatcake and place the savoury s’more onto the griddle or grill. Use a low heat with no flames, and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side, flipping halfway and keeping an eye out for burning. When the cheese begins to melt out the sides it’s ready. Watch out as the cheese can get hot!



How To Make Your Own Peanut Butter and Banana S'mores

A sweet and savoury combination. Using crispbread as the base, spread some smooth peanut butter on one side of both crispbreads, and place some thinly sliced banana in the middle. Cook on the griddle or grill for 3-4 minutes on each side, making sure that the crispbread doesn’t burn. Try a little honey if you want a slightly sweeter s’more!



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