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Glamping and the Working Farm

Farmer -min


So, a working farm … muddy, remote, and with a gruff farmer to boot … right?

Well, you could be correct about all of the above, but actually glamping and the working farm is a match made in heaven!

As well as having a comfortable, insulated Wigwam® Cabin to stay in, here are ten reasons to plump for a working farm location …

  1. Working farm glamping sites are usually located in a beautiful rural setting, making for peaceful stay
  2. Sometimes there’s absolutely no phone signal, making for a totally unplugged experience
  3. Meet the farmer! See how hard he or she works to keep their farm ticking over
  4. Experience lambing – there’s nothing quite like lambing season for excitement and emotion
  5. Enjoy lovely farm walks and work up an appetite
  6. Have access to local produce and see how well our animals are treated if you are a meat eater
  7. Learn about different crops and maybe even see a harvest underway at certain times of year
  8. Enjoy the seasons as they should be enjoyed and learn about the farming year
  9. Get to meet the farmyard gang – maybe some free-range hens, the farm cat or maybe a sheepdog or two
  10. See wildlife too – most farms encourage wild birds and insects to their land as they encourage healthy crops

See our listing of just some of our working farm sites with Wigwam® Holidays