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Wigwam Holidays
Wigwam Holidays - Great holidays in the great outdoors
Join the growing Wigwam brand
Camping all year round in natural rural locations

Wigwam® Holidays Core Values

Our core values are the underlying 'essential tenets' of our business and can be summarised as follows:  

Welcome and listen to our customers, it's their holiday and it matters, respond to their needs and recommendations. 

Access to camping all year round, in natural rural locations (freedom, fires, stars, mountain, river, forest, the great outdoors).

Provide the environment for a safe, stress free and great holiday.

Community and the environment: Wigwam Holidays is committed to building community and sound environmental practices.

Wigwam Holidays are for everyone
Affordability: Wigwam Holidays are for everyone. 

Innovation: Always strive to offer more activities, experiences, opportunities to our customers.
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