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Choose Your Backdrop

The hills surrounding Wigwam Holidays Moffat

Scenic Glamping Holidays Across the UK

From the windswept shores of Shetland to the sun-kissed orchards or rural Buckinghamshire, we have Wigwam® Cabins in every nook and cranny of this beautiful country. 

Whatever you fancy - whispering pine trees, soothing ocean waves, barley fields rolling gently across the horizon - you can have it on a Wigwam® Holiday.

So, Choose Your Backdrop:

A wide open beach with the sun rising over the sea; a whispering forest with magical, hidden tracks; overlooking a mountain range, wondering which one to climb?

Now imagine a comfortable, insulated Wigwam® Cabin at any one of these locations and many more besides.

The UK is blessed with one of the most varied landscapes around and a weather pattern to match! So whatever natural backdrop lights your (camp)fire, your stay will be warm, comfy and dry.

Want to be on a remote island? Tick! Close to a bustling city? Yes, we can help.

Want to chill out near a loch, lake or river, enjoying the soothing sound of moving water? Perhaps see a lambing being born, or hear the hoot of an owl or the song of a skylark … Wigwam® Holidays has a site to suit your tastes, from working farms to fishing lakes.

Many of our sites are place near campsites so good facilities are nearby and plenty of like-minded folks around.

Wigwam® Cabins are also found within National Parks, Dark Sky Status locations, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, close to National Trails or the Great Trails of Scotland.

If you love skiing or sky diving, or enjoy a quaff of wine, Wigwam® Sites can be found near ski slopes, activity centres and even vineyards.

From the Cotswolds to the wild coasts of northern Scotland, there’s a site for you. Variety is the spice of life, and while you can always rely on a Wigwam® Cabin to keep you nice and toasty, there’s no stopping your inner traveller with the huge range of backdrops you can choose from.

Perhaps you’d like something warm, comforting and familiar … you can get great holidays in the great outdoors at your favourite site.

Or with such a wide range of sites and locations, why not try somewhere different and discover a whole new world of glamping?

With our cabins, your backdrop is just one of the unique aspects of your glamping stay and one that varies as you discover the world of Wigwam® Holidays.