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Meet Katie Morag at Mangersta Croft Wigwams

Friday 05 August 2016 @ 00:00

If you’re on instagram and want inspirational pictures you should follow Mangersta Croft Wigwams.

Their pictures are simply stunning and taken only on an iPhone by the very talented Elsie.

Mangersta Croft Wigwams are based on a working croft on the Isle of Lewis and are owned by Elsie and Derek, their two children and their collie dog Magnus.

Magnus at Mangersta Croft

Magnus the collie dog is always around for some fun

They are literally surrounded by the most stunning scenery imaginable right on their doorstep and it’s no wonder to see why they are a really popular site.

Elsie and Derek currently have 2 en-suite Wigwams® and a Shepherd’s Hut on their site and they also have a lovely fire pit area, perfect for relaxing around after a day exploring the island.

Incredible Views on the island

The view from the Wigwams are some of the best in the world (in my opinion).

But in addition to their amazing location, they hold a big secret, one which certainly impressed me and my kids! We’re huge Katie Morag fans which anyone with children under the ages of 7 (or anyone who watches cbeebies) will be familiar with and the tv series, Katie Morag was filmed on the Isle of Lewis in various locations.

I often watch Katie Morag with the kids and look longingly at the amazing scenery, the outdoor space where Katie runs free and the lovely community to which she belongs. During filming several island buildings were transformed into scenes from the stories. Here’s a photo of Katie Morag’s house taken by Elsie.

Katie Morag's house

You can walk by Katie Morag's house anytime.

If you want to find out more about Katie Morag and the Isle of Lewis have a look at Struay Adventures as there’s some great information on their website.

Even Elsie and Derek's dog, Magnus, has a claim to fame. His auntie played Granny Island’s dog in the tv series.

Elsie and Derek also have their own gallery where you can purchase some amazing ‘one off’ pieces of art and Elsie’s work has been exhibited across the UK both in Scotland and London. They are certainly a talented couple.

To book your holiday at Mangersta Croft Wigwams click here.

To find out more about accommodation on the island or surrounding islands visit Wigwam Holidays website.

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